Will a separation agreement save me money?

Whether a separation agreement will save you and your spouse money is an important question to ask even in the midst of difficult and trying break-ups.  When emotions are running high, it is understandably more difficult to think of the possibilities that reality may dictate.  It may be helpful to avoid thinking of a separation agreement as a document asking you to sign away your relationship; instead, think of it as a way to prepare for the future no matter what it may hold.  Since the Commonwealth of Virginia treats separation agreements as binding contracts, you should almost always have your trusted local Virginia Beach Family Lawyer prepare it properly.

When disputes arise, often they revolve around the children or the property and assets from the marriage.  As you can probably imagine, a couple that can’t agree on even the smallest of matters might stir up otherwise unnecessary court costs and legal fees.  Some of the most stressful cases for parties, attorneys, and judges alike are messy contested divorces.  But on the other hand, a couple that can put aside their differences for just a short period of time can drastically reduce their burdens and gain peace of mind moving on with their lives.

You may understand the significance of a separation agreement, but do you understand the nature of what exactly it can cover, and what it can achieve for you?  You and your spouse can agree to specific spousal and child support payments as well as child custody arrangements.  In Virginia, child support agreements must meet statutory minimums however – just one example of why having an experienced local Virginia Beach Family Lawyer draft your documents is so important.  Other important things can be agreed upon with a separation agreement, such as future tax obligations and your child’s future college tuition.  Take advantage of the legal tools that have developed over the years, but don’t become overambitious and attempt to draft contracts without legal training.  Consult your local Virginia Beach Family Lawyer today.