Virginia Statutes in English: Felonies by Prisoners

If you are facing felony charges, contact your Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer as soon as you possibly can.  Your Tidewater-serving attorney is dedicated to the pursuit of every possible defense theory given the facts of your case.  Unfortunately, there are instances where a defendant elects to represent himself, and he winds up losing the case.  This isn’t always necessarily the case, and no lawyer is allowed to promise you results.  But with your Virginia Beach and Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorney by your side, you will hopefully never have to worry about offenses which the Commonwealth can charge you with if you are a prisoner.  This reference guide is provided to you for free, by your professional Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Attorney.  This guide is based on Virginia Code § 53.1-203. 

The following acts by prisoners are considered felonies:

1.      Efforts to escape, making or possessing tools to escape, and damaging any part of a facility in an effort to escape;

2.      Possessing or making any:

a.       item not approved and is capable of severely hurting someone;

b.      chemical not prescribed;

c.       Schedule III drug or marijuana;

d.      firearm or ammunition, and causing damage via explosive device;

3.      Damaging or disabling fire protection systems; or

4.      Conspiring or planning with another prisoner ANY of the above acts.

The Penalty for the Above Acts: All violations will be treated as a Class 6 felony, but for drugs, the violation is considered a Class 5 Felony. 

Plus, if the person attempting escape is already a convicted felon, the mandatory minimum sentence is one year!  Plus, an escape attempt will ruin any hope for parole during that time.  Instead of rolling the dice with your legal defense, make a solid plan.  Call your Virginia Beach and Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorney and leave his office feeling renewed in spirit and in mind.