Virginia Crime Statistics Show Shocking Trends

In Virginia Beach, reports that there were 936 “violent crimes known to police” in the year 2000. Although more recent numbers are not provided, this number compares to other Tidewater region cities: In that same year, Newport News reported 1,340 and Norfolk, 1,663.  If you have been charged or accused of a violent crime, like assault and battery for instance, please consider calling your local Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer. Nothing can serve as a substitute for a consultation by an experienced attorney.

Disaster Center, a website that provides statistics on crimes rates for Virginia in its entirety, shows some shocking trends. During periods of high unemployment and during recessionary periods, crimes are often predicted to increase. Statistics show that this is not the case, at least for Virginia in 2009. Trends clearly show that murder, rape, robbery, and vehicle theft are on the decline. Are fewer crimes being reported? Are fewer crimes actually being committed? Or, are cash-strapped police departments acting with less diligence? These are questions that only time will provide answers to.

In 1960, the population in Virginia was just below 4 million. 15 years later, that population grew to 5 million. By 1990, the State had 6 million residents. As of 2009, Virginia was home to a population of 7.8 million individuals. The point is, that the population in Virginia steadily and consistently grew over time. The crime rates for various crimes in Virginia over that same period of decades did not follow such an obvious trend. We will take a look at some of the most serious offenses, and realize that some periods of Virginian history were much more peaceful eras than others.

Murder: In 1960, there were 487 reported murders in VA. This number has actually reached a relatively low mark in 2009 at just 347 murders. Trends show that the early 90’s was a particularly violent period, with murders ranging in the low to mid 500’s during that time.

Forcible Rape: Rape was an uncommon crime in the 60’s. During the 1960’s, the crime of rape stayed below the 1,000 mark. These numbers climbed over the years, reaching a high point in 1993 with more than 2,000 rapes reported. 2009 has seen a decrease, with just over 1,500 rapes reported.

Robbery: As of 2009, robbery in Virginia is at a 21 year low. This may come as surprising news, given the difficult economic times.


Vehicle Theft: Vehicle theft steadily raised over the years, but around the mid 1990’s, fewer and fewer reported incidents were reported. Amazingly, in 2009 there were just over 11,000 reported vehicle thefts compared to the almost 20,000 that were reported back in 1995.

If you have questions about a charge you are facing, don’t be afraid to speak openly to a local Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer. He will hear your side of the story and do his best to ensure the prosecution proves every last element that the law requires. There’s nothing to lose with a consultation.