Virginia Beach Gets Tough on Crime

Law enforcement officials are trying harder and harder to bring gangs and organized criminal enterprises to justice.  Virginia Beach, Virginia is no exception.  Here is an example: Just earlier this month, Virginia Beach authorities announced that a grand jury issued indictments against 107 individuals for 249 offenses, and many of these were drug-related offenses.

Some argue that drug possession is a “victimless” crime, but nonetheless, the Commonwealth does not pull punches when it prosecutes offenders.  Showing up to court with a heavy-hitting Norfolk Criminal Defense Lawyer shows the judge that the defendant takes his or her rights seriously.

Repeat offenders can expect severe sentences if convicted of a drug-related crime and any person – man or woman – should consult their trusted local Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Attorney if charged. One of the first questions people ask following charge for possession of a controlled substance is, “is the offense a felony or misdemeanor?  Depending on the circumstances, the location, and other facts, the offense may be either a felony OR a misdemeanor.  A far more serious crime, “intent to distribute,” may be charged based on very fine details that your Norfolk Criminal Defense Lawyer can best address through a free and confidential consultation.

With recent news reports highlighting the prolific pharmaceutical and prescription fraud cases in Virginia Beach, Virginia lately, there is little doubt that the Virginia Beach and Norfolk Criminal Defense Lawyers serving the citizens of these jurisdictions are paying close attention to the maturity of these cases, analyzing each case to determine how it may affect their clients’ rights, potential defenses, and trial-strategies.  This level of dedication is what separates the average criminal defense attorney from the Virginia Beach and Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorneys: tireless dedication, research, and attention to the thousands of case by case developments.