Uncontested Divorce in Virginia – Do I need a Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce is painful as it is…isn’t it possible to go through the process without having to deal with an attorney? Sure, it’s possible. But think about what is at stake, and it’s easy to see why hiring an attorney is crucial. When a couple has assets and/or children, the stress can be even more overwhelming. Since divorce is painful with a lot at stake, a lawyer on your side is essential to peace of mind. Your Virginia Beach divorce lawyer can assist you, usually with a consultation.

The best attorneys understand that divorce is a time when the client needs someone to listen to their side of the story. If you’re going through a divorce, you should seek an attorney that will listen to your desired outcome, family views, and financial desires.

While the divorce scenario contains many aspects which your lawyer can more fully explain, one basic concept to have a fundamental working knowledge of is the difference between an uncontested and contested divorce. If the divorce is contested, your attorney should focus on analyzing your financial information among other things. Another extremely important process – the “discovery process” – is something you must be prepared to embrace. Much information will probably need to be gathered by you and your attorney in order to best represent your interests. Your Virginia Beach family lawyer will assist you through the anxieties of a trial if it comes down to it. Sometimes, a settlement is the best solution. Even before trial or settlement takes place, having an attorney by your side to file temporary orders pertaining to custody or support may be in your best interest.

An uncontested divorce may be less painful, but that is not necessarily always the case. Even if both spouses want the divorce, each should seek separate counsel. A seemingly “pleasant” divorce may turn hostile when money and custody come into the equation. In addition to those motives, having a lawyer can mitigate the risk that one spouse will take advantage of, or mislead the other.

Don’t be afraid to open up and embrace legal counsel or be embarrassed to explain your side of the story. The bottom line is this: if you are going through a divorce or believe divorce is imminent, don’t hesitate to consult an attorney. Your spouse may have already obtained one.