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Given the density of traffic in the Virginia Beach area, it is not surprising that trucking accidents occur on a frequent basis. Interstates 264 and 64 are high-transit areas filled with large military vehicles and semi trucks intent on getting to their destinations. A momentary lapse in judgment on the part of any of these drivers can quickly lead to tragedy.

The aftermath of a semi crash is generally devastating to those traveling in smaller passenger vehicles. If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a trucking accident caused by another’s careless or reckless actions, you have a right to pursue legal action. You may be able to recover compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.

Understanding Your Injury From a Unique Prospective

At Swango Law P.C., we have the experience and skill that can make a significant difference for those injured in trucking accidents. Prior to beginning his legal career, attorney Jason Swango worked as a radiologist for ten years in a trauma center’s operating room. Understanding injuries from a medical perspective enables him to ask the right questions and help direct clients to proper medical care. Rest assured, attorney Swango has the legal and medical knowledge to build a strong and wholly compelling case.

We take the time to listen to your story, understand your priorities and develop a strategy for reaching your goals. Contact our firm to schedule an initial consultation.

Causes of Trucking Accidents

A trucking accident is almost always caused by the negligence or recklessness of another. By conducting a comprehensive investigation with the assistance of top experts, we can discover the true cause of your accident and determine who is ultimately responsible for your injuries.

In our experience, some of the most common causes of trucking accidents include:

  • Inadequate driver training
  • Unrealistic expectations of trucking companies encouraging drivers to rush, despite the safety risks involved
  • Driver fatigue or impairment due to drugs or alcohol
  • Mechanical failure and defective vehicle parts
  • Improper loading

In many trucking accident claims, we are able to hold not only the truck driver liable, but also the trucking company and the manufacturer of defective equipment. In other instances, municipalities may be held liable for unsafe road conditions.

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