Traffic Ticket Costs and your Lawyer’s Role

At a time when many Americans are just getting by in order to make ends meet, its more important than ever to keep in mind the financial pitfalls that can accompany a traffic violation.  Traffic violations can cost much more than just the amount on the citation paper. A successful contestant of a charge may save hundreds of dollars in car insurance in the long run. Car insurance is expensive as it is. If you’ve been charged with a traffic violation, such as reckless driving, contact your local Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer.

First, let’s touch upon the cost of the ticket itself. The true cost of the citation is not just the facial amount: Unfortunately, the true cost of a ticket is the face value, plus any applicable court fees, plus any late fee that may assessed, plus the terrible consequences upon one’s car insurance rates. Not to mention, traffic school is an expensive reality which many states use as a method correcting poor driving records. Generally, these classes not only cost money but they also take an entire day of one’s life. When looked at from this angle, the value of having an experienced traffic lawyer by your side should you decide to challenge the citation (or even just to seek out leniency) it becomes apparent. Consult your Virginia Beach Traffic and Criminal Lawyer if you believe the facts of your case does not add up to the charge.

The only positive aspect of attending a traffic school or participating in such lessons is that you may be able to reduce the points assessed to your record. In doing so, you may be able to obtain lower car insurances rates in the future.  Every violation that you are charged with carries an assigned point value. These points can add up, and cost you big money.

The ideal result of any challenged traffic violation challenged in court is a finding of not guilty. But that’s not always possible. Sometimes, an individual truly did commit the violation he or she received a citation for. Even if that is the case, having a great lawyer by your side can show the judge how serious you take the matter. Not only that, but your skilled Virginia Beach Traffic and Criminal lawyer can also clearly articulate your feelings to the judge, and may be able to advocate for you in lessening the burden that you ultimately pay.