Sex crime atrocities may lead to more false accusations

Did you know that according to the U.N., 1 in 3 females are either beaten or sexually abused during their lifetime? According to a study by the United Nations (UN) Commission on the Status of Women, about 33% of females on earth are abused during their lives.  While the majority of these crimes are committed outside of the United States, all governments and societies – whether third world or modern – must take measures to prevent and deter these types of crimes.  Various motivations exist.  The U.N. reports that 4 million females are trafficked each year, and about 1 million children enter the sex trade per year.   Given the serious and horrific nature of some crimes and the media’s interest in publicizing these crimes, unfortunately it is somewhat common for immoral individuals to use these sentiments and facts to their advantage, and make a false allegation of an atrocious sex crime.  Whether a false accusation is intended to serve as a means of “getting back” at a person for some perceived wrong, or a frivolous accusation recklessly made, the effect upon the falsely accused person is always traumatic.   If you believe you have been falsely accused of a sex crime, call your local Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer for an analysis of your facts.

In the United States criminal justice system, people are innocent until proven guilty.  Of course, with millions and millions of cases each year the “system” isn’t perfect.  Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer, a local Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer, can better prepare the falsely accused for the rigors of trial.  More importantly, a local Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer can ensure that the prosecution proves all elements of the sex crime, and that no false accusation incorrectly turns into a conviction.

In Virginia, there exists a registry program (provided by statute) to grant the public access to information regarding violent and sexual offenders.  (See Title 9.1, Chapter 9 of the Code of Virginia). For more information online, check out the Virginia State Police Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry.

Victims of sexual violence can experience serious long-term and short-term consequences such as psychological issues, economic troubles, illness and even death. (National Research Council 1996).  Thus, in addition to the immediate physical and emotional trauma that can accompany a forcible and/or violent rape, one reason civilized societies punish the crime of rape so severely is because of the long-term trauma involved.   Moreover, studies suggest more symptoms are often over looked, such as feelings of guilt, anxiety, substance abuse, depression, and trust issues.  Contrary to intuition, these individuals are actually at an increased risk for future victimization.

For more information on the offenses that can lead to an entry in the Sex Offender Registry, click here.  This site provides a list of statutes that are deemed “Sexually Violent Offenses.”  Included in this listing are crimes such as abduction for immoral purposes, rape, carnal knowledge of a minor (victim ages 13-14) where the perpetrator is more than five years older than the victim, forcible sodomy, and more.  For information and an honest assessment of your case, your best resource is your local Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer.