Seriousness of college alcohol and drug crimes – federal aid could be at risk

Addiction to alcohol or a recreational drug is often is a direct cause of criminal behavior.  Too often, parents confine their perception of the consequences which stem from addiction to two crimes: driving while intoxicated (DWI) and possession.  More commonly overlooked crimes that may result from addiction include theft, vandalism and destruction of property. Even sex crimes may be the result of intoxication.  Obviously there are other examples; but if you or a child is facing criminal charges of any sort, including those related to substance abuse issues, you can count-on and trust your local Virginia Beach Criminal lawyer.  Not only will conversations with your lawyer always remain completely confidential, but your Virginia Beach attorney can instruct how to keep your affairs as private as the law and state will allow.

Should I consult an attorney if my child is facing drug-related charges?

While our court system may view individuals above the age of 18 as adults, parents of young adults often have a different view.  At the age of 18, these so-called adults still rely upon their parent’s financial support in many instances…especially for families that are in a position and willing to pay for their child’s college education.  For some college students, the overall “college experience” unfortunately involves binge drinking and recreational drug-use.  Because of the serious consequences associated with drug-use (such as suspension, expulsion, and denial of federal student aid), parents of these kids often have an interest – whether it be emotional, financial or both – to seeing that their child is represented adequately in court if charged with a crime.

Where can I find more information on Virginia university guidelines and alcohol and substance abuse resources?

As your trusted local resource, your Virginia Beach Criminal lawyer will work hard to determine the legal and educational realities of a criminal offense, charge or disposition of a case.  Below are links to various resources on the disciplinary and/or substance abuse policies and support groups at various Virginia institutions of higher learning.

University of Virginia

Virginia Tech

Virginia Commonwealth University

Christopher-Newport University

William and Mary

James Madison University