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What you don’t know could actually hurt you.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn about in this 35-page ebook:DUI / DWI Guide

  • DUI / DWI penalties in Virginia, including multiple offense
  • Procedures for DUI and DWI convictions
  • Breathalyzer inaccuracies and their causes
  • Breathalyzer or blood test refusal
  • Enhanced penalties
  • Special cases, such as boating while intoxicated
  • The many laws to consider when facing DUI or DWI

The details matter when it comes to your future after a DUI. Get informed by downloading Your DUI Game Plan ebook today, then contact Swango Law at (757) 383-9229 and let us fight for you. We’ve been serving all of Hampton Roads for over a decade, from Virginia Beach and Chesapeake to Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, and Newport News.

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“For over a decade, I’ve been getting real results for clients just like you in DUI and DWI cases. Don’t throw your rights away! Formulate your game plan today and get your life back.”

– Jason Swango, Founding Attorney of Swango Law P.C.

Jason Swango, Founder of Swango Law and DUI Attorney