Prescription Drug Fraud

“They call and pretend to be doctors, or bring phony prescriptions and excuses about why they need more pills,” explained one pharmacist to the Virginian-Pilot, amidst a surge in recent prescription fraud cases.

With the Commonwealth exhausting its resources to prosecute drug offenders, those accused of serious crimes must take charges seriously and consider their options.  A local experienced Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Attorney can explain how the facts and circumstances of your case may be revealed in court, and what he can do to prevent improper facts from coming to light.

Prescription fraud is on the rise, and in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the Commonwealth’s Attorney is speaking out to raise awareness among pharmacists.  You can read the Wavy report here, The recent news provides details on efforts by persons seeking to obtain drugs fraudulently, and the response from law enforcement. According to news sources, false prescriptions can be printed from the web.  These fake prescriptions are then paired up with a third party, generally a person that is solicited by the actor to go to the doctor and fill the desired prescription. If you have been charged with a drug offense or prescription fraud, an experienced Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Attorney can ensure the prosecution meets its burden.

Opiate based drugs – painkillers like Oxycodone – are the most sought after drugs in many locations, due in part to their high street value and addictive nature.  Why does a good lawyer make a difference, even when the accused has been in trouble for drug offenses in the past?  A good attorney understands the strengths and weaknesses of every case, and can emphasize the good parts and defend the relative weaknesses.

Virginia Beach authorities explained how fraud can be prevented by more diligent efforts on the part of pharmacists: “I urge pharmacists who encounter prescriptions for powerful drugs such as Oxycodone and its generic forms to take the time to cross-reference the telephone number provided on the prescription with the physician’s number in the Yellow Pages or online,” explains the warning.

What are Penalties for Prescription Fraud Charges?

All drug offenses are treated seriously and especially prescription fraud.  A federal court in Alexandria, Virginia sentenced a man to 10 years in prison, ordered him to repay Medicare and the government more than $200,000, and he is going to forfeit his home as well.  The drugs sold from the Virginia home included Methadone, Oxymorphone, and Hydromorphone – all opiate based painkillers. If you or someone you love has been charged for drug possession, distribution, prescription fraud, or any other drug related crime, you can trust your Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you in court fighting tooth and nail.