Personal Injury

Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury People throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia are injured every day due to the negligence or recklessness of another person.  When those injuries are severe, it is critical to get the compensation necessary to pay for medical expenses and ongoing therapy and rehabilitation, as well as replace lost wages and future benefits and acknowledge the pain and suffering of the victim.

Although there are many different types of accidents that result in severe and devastating injuries, motor vehicle collisions account for a large number of personal injury cases in Virginia.  To bring a successful personal injury case against a negligent driver or operator, it is necessary to demonstrate the following:

  • The driver had a duty to operate the vehicle in a safe and effective manner;
  • The driver breached that duty by behaving in a negligent or reckless manner – this includes failing to obey traffic laws, maintaining the vehicle in an unsafe condition, driving under the influence, or driving distracted, among many other negligent behaviors;
  • The driver’s breach was the direct and proximate cause of the victim’s injuries – it is necessary to demonstrate that but for the actions of the defendant, the plaintiff would not have suffered harm; and
  • The victim suffered from injuries that could be measured – in presenting a case; it is required to point to actual injuries that resulted from the negligent actions of the defendant.

At Swango Law P.C., we understand exactly how critical it is to develop a strong case in order to ensure that our clients get the compensation that they need to move forward with their lives.  Whether this is done through negotiations with the insurance company or a jury verdict, we never lose sight of the fact that the money being sought is to meet critical needs and attempt to get the person back to the quality of life that he or she enjoyed before the accident.  In many cases, this is not possible, but we work with our clients to do everything possible to meet their goals so that they can continue to receive necessary medical care and provide for their families.

Accidents caused by the negligence of another person can devastate the lives of those directly involved in the accident, as well as their family and loved ones.  Jason Swango knows how important it is to advocate for those who have suffered from terrible injuries.  At Swango Law P.C., we represent clients in personal injury cases in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area, including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Portsmouth, Newport News, and Suffolk.  Call us today at (757) 383-9229 to schedule an initial consultation.