Possession and Possession with Intent to Distribute – Marijuana Quantities

The Commonwealth of Virginia takes drug crimes seriously – in fact, many crimes involving controlled substances are punished with mandatory jail time.  Since the State of Virginia punishes offenders with a swift and heavy fist, the accused individual must rely on his or her Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorney to fight just as hard for him or her in court.

Whether you are an experienced professional in private practice, a government employee, or a current or former member of the U.S. military, your defense representation should be top-notch regardless of the charges, and regardless of your past.  If you are concerned about privacy, you can rest assured that your Norfolk and Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Attorney will provide you with pertinent details to keep sensitive issues from coming to light.

Three of the most important things to consider when faced with drug related charges you’re your family, career, and welfare.  A drug conviction can strain familial relations; the act of using drugs itself can lead to poor parental decisions; plus, an environment laden with drug use is no place to raise a child.  Similarly, drug crimes tarnish reputations. Felonies must be reported to many employers, and even misdemeanors of moral turpitude remain on a person’s record indefinitely.  This is where your experienced Norfolk or Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer comes in – he is the man to handle the judge’s questions: he is the man to speak to the Commonwealth attorney on your behalf; he is the one to negotiate the most advantageous deal with your approval.

“Intent to Distribute” Marijuana is punished by the Commonwealth of Virginia by up to 30 years in prison!  If you or a loved one has been charged, it is helpful to know essential legal facts. The chart below is provided by your Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Attorney as a courtesy.

 Amount of MarijuanaCharge  Punishment
 LESS than 1/2 oz Misdemeanor Up to 12 Months in Jail
 Half 1/2 oz to 5lbs Felony Up to 10 Years in Prison
 MORE than 5lbs Felony Up to 20 Years in Prison


For case-specific advice, consult local criminal defense attorney so he may analyze your case according to the legal precedents, legislation and statutes that influence how your case will play out.  Ultimately, you are responsible for the charges brought against you.  How you respond – whether that be alone or with a lawyer by your side – is up to you.