Methamphetamine Control Measures in Virginia

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide you through the rigors of the criminal justice system if charged with a serious drug-related crime.  Virginia Code § 18.2-248.8 provides the penalties for the sale of methamphetamine “precursors” (i.e., ephedrine and pseudoephedrine”) If charged with possession, manufacture, or any other drug crime, call your lawyer immediately.  Your Virginia Beach Defense Lawyer has experience representing dozens of clients in situations ranging from the unlikely to the unimaginable.  Chances are, the facts of your case are not extraordinarily unique, and your Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorney can give you a quick and reasoned analysis of your case.

Beginning in mid-2006, Virginia instituted strict retail control measures on drugs used in the manufacturing process of the addictive and devastating drug, “methamphetamine.”  Among these requirements:

          Any product containing these drugs must be sold behind a counter or in a locked case that requires employee assistance to access;

          Purchasers must present retailers with photo identification;

          The retailer must keep an electronic log of sales, including product information and purchaser data; and

          The purchaser must sign this log if the purchase is for more than 60 milligrams of pseudo-ephedrine. 

“Meth” is also known as “ice, blue belly, crank, and crystal.” Crystal meth can easily be made in clandestine laboratories from relatively inexpensive over-the-counter ingredients,” explains this article on meth addiction.  Of further import, meth is a schedule II drug – meaning it has a high potential for abuse.   Whether you are now facing meth-related charges or whether you seek legal counsel for an explanation of your rights based on your actions or inaction, you can rest assured that your Virginia Beach Drug Defense Lawyer knows the law cold and is happy to help you through your most difficult times.