‘Mere’ Allegations Can Derail a Professional Career: Teachers, Sex and the Media

When a teacher is accused of abusing a student, he or she may face public scrutiny from the community, the local media, and in some cases, national news networks.  This is a sad reality in the sense that the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” is effectively thrown to the wayside in such cases, at least as far as the accused’s reputation is concerned.  Whether or not exposure to the public wrath ought to be tolerated by society is not for this article to decide.  Instead, your Virginia Beach Sex Crime Defense Attorney focuses on the present day.  Furthermore, he focuses on the individual and ignores the harmful “three-ringed media circus.”

Despite the fact that a case is in progress – perhaps before charges have even been filed – accused teachers face ridicule, loss of reputation, and potential loss of employment.  Virginia Beach has seen its share of teacher scandals over the years.  For example, the Pilot reported last year that a special education teacher used the internet to improperly correspond with an underage female.  But there isn’t always hard evidence, as is usually the case when electronic records are available to prosecutors.  Sometimes, cases come down to a person’s word against another’s.

When society throws accused individuals under the bus (figuratively speaking), there are trusted professionals who are willing to help.  Regardless of the amount of evidence stacked up against an accused individual, there are some lawyers who believe in the criminal justice system and not the media circus.  Even though crimes against children are especially heinous, your local Virginia Beach and Norfolk Criminal Defense and Abuse Defense Lawyer understands that every person who faces loss of liberty (i.e., serious jail time) is entitled to an attorney, adequate representation, and certain Constitutional rights.

What happens to the teachers who are accused of abuse?  The Counter Pedophilia Investigative Unit states on its website that more than 38% of teachers resigned, retired, or left the district after an allegation was made against them.  Instead of facing judgment, speculation, or raised eyebrows, you can expect professional treatment if you consult your Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer, no matter what the charges are against you.