Legal Adoption in Virginia

If you have a child you cannot take care of, there are many options available to relieve you of the stress, pressure, and anxiety you may feel. If you are tempted to sell your baby “off the record” please be advised that you are likely breaking the law. If you are confused, scared, or otherwise in need of legal advice, please do the right thing and contact you trusted Virginia Beach Lawyer.

A sad case emerged out of headlines across the country this week, when a woman from Tampa was charged with trying to sell her grandson to her own estranged daughter. In addition to that, authorities believe the same woman may have profited from selling a child in another case, more than two decades ago. Whether she will be charged for both crimes is yet to be determined.

According to sources, a 45 year old grandmother was arrested for attempting to sell an 11-week-old boy. The asking price? $30,000 U.S. What’s even more disturbing is that the would-be buyer was the accused’s own estranged daughter, whom was placed into an adopting family’s custody almost 30 years ago.

In Virginia (like all States), there are laws that are in place to ensure that adoptions are properly documented and that the adopting parents are suitable. See Chapter 12 of Title 63.2 of the Virginia Code. It specifies that child placement agencies must be licensed. The law forbids payments that exceed “customary fees,” transportation, and medical expenses that relate to the adoption process.

What rights do biological mothers have? The law provides that birth mothers can receive compensation for some “necessities.” This is only available, however, if a licensed physician has advised the mother to refrain from working, based on reasons related to the birth or pregnancy. Specifically prohibited under Virginia law are solicitations and advertisements – it may be treated as a class 6 felony. For more information about crimes related to illegal adoptions, don’t hesitate to call your local Virginia Beach Attorney.

Although our children may be the treasures of our lives, knowing what is best for them and acting accordingly can still be difficult. Consulting an experienced Virginia Beach Lawyer can assure your peace of mind, even in the most difficult of times. Giving up your child is a big step, but it may be the right thing to do. Further, it may be the ultimate expression of love, if you think about the long term consequences of your choices.