Larceny The Difference Between Petit and Grand

Theft is one of the oldest crimes in the books, and as a result, law enforcement officials and the Commonwealth’s attorneys who handle these cases are adapted to prosecuting cases quickly and efficiently.  Luckily, accused individuals in Virginia Beach and Norfolk have the option of hiring an experienced Virginia Criminal Defense Professional.

Probably one of the most commonly charged theft crimes is shoplifting.  The consequences of being found guilty of shoplifting depends on the value of the item allegedly stolen. If the value of the item is over $200, the charge is considered “Grand” Larceny.  Below that amount — the charge is “Petit” Larceny.

You could be facing charges of petit larceny if you are accused of stealing an item worth less than five dollars from someone else.  Additionally, if the charges allege you stole an item from someone without physically snatching it away from their control or possession (i.e., they were not around), and if the item is worth more than $200, you could be charged with grand larceny.  The difference between petit and grand larceny is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony.  More importantly, it is the difference between the ability to own a firearm, gain employment with many businesses, and to obtain credit in the future.  Take any charge seriously and consult a professional.

Although the Commonwealth is skilled at prosecuting such crimes, your Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer is also accustomed to handling criminal theft charges efficiently and professionally.  Your local Virginia Beach and Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorney has served this country as a member of our armed forces and is now on a mission for justice in the court rooms of Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia.