If My Records are Expunged, Are They Gone Forever?

Your name and reputation may be two of your most valuable assets.  For college students, maintaining a good record through undergraduate school is important for the post-grad job search.  The Commonwealth of Virginia acknowledges in its statutes that governing this subject matter that, “arrest records can be a hindrance to an innocent citizen’s ability to obtain employment, an education and to obtain credit.”

Your trusted Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Attorney has the competitive attitude it takes to win, and to protect your confidentiality at all costs.  When you are working with your attorney, it is critical you establish a relationship of trust.  You can think of your Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorney as a friend, an advocate, and your representative. 

Many citizens have questions about records and whether they can be expunged.  In Virginia, expungement is “[t]he omission, sealing, deletion, or obliteration of records.”  However, the definition provided by this trusted resource goes on to explain, “expunged records may be disclosed for purposes of employment . . . as an employee of a law-enforcement agency . . . [or in some circumstances] a pending criminal investigation. § 19.2-392.3.”

Unfortunately, when expunged, the record does not simply “disappear” nor is it destroyed.  It is simply out of the public’s access, or “sealed” as some would say.  Your Virginia Beach and Norfolk Criminal Defense Lawyer plays an important role in protecting your privacy.  For example, he knows who is eligible to have records expunged and what records may be expunged.  When faced with criminal charges, there really is no time to waste if you are a defendant.  Why wait to call your local Virginia Beach Heavy Hitting Attorney – the professional willing to pursue every defense available to you – when every second counts?