Hampton woman accused of abandoning baby in woods

September 28, 2010

Gruesome details have emerged in a case involving an abandoned baby, policy say. According to WAVY 10 News, court documents disclose that detectives found blood on the walls of the home subject to the search. The home belongs to a woman accused of abandoning the child.

The baby was discovered last Friday by contractors performing work on homes at the Rendon Drive community. Upon hearing cries coming from the wooded area, the contractors set out to determine the source. They found a newborn baby girl, reportedly wrapped in a garbage bag.

Thankfully, the newborn is expected to be fine. She received treatment at the Hampton Sentara Careplex before being transferred to the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters.

Kimberley Fisher, 30 years old, is accused of abandoning an infant in the woods. A bloody towel discovered inside a trash bag with the abandoned infant was the key to gaining entry into Fisher’s home. Reportedly, Fisher initially admitted the towel belonged to her, but denied knowing anything about an abandoned infant. Detectives gained permission to look inside the home upon her consent. After proceeding to look inside, they noticed the blood tainted walls.

Fisher has been charged with attempted murder, and was denied bond. Police spokesperson Allison Quinones told the WAVY 10 team that Fisher appeared before a judge Monday and is now being held at Hampton City Jail.

Although Virginia is a “Safe Haven” state, which means that mothers may drop off newborns at hospitals with “no questions asked,” sad incidents still occur. Aside from the obvious threat of malnutrition, disease, and danger associated with abandoning children, it is also a serious crime.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, Section 18.2-371.1 governs child abuse and neglect. If accused, a person should quickly contact their Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer.

Neglect is a term which refers to the omission or refusal to provide care for a child. Abuse is a term which refers to the causing or allowing serious injury to occur to a child. In a case where the state alleges abuse or neglect, the person accused must be a parent, guardian, or other person who bears responsibility for the care of the child. Consult your Virginia Beach Criminal Attorney if you have a case that you seek answers for.

There are various ways a person may be considered “responsible” for the care of a minor. For example, in Virginia, a person can execute a voluntary act, without delegation by a parent or court, and still be considered responsible. (See Snow v. Com. 33 Va. App. 766 (2000).

There are other sections of Virginia code that deal with crimes regarding children. For example, a Virginia statute provides for an “endangering” offense. For specific child related crimes, consult your Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer for an honest assessment of your case.