DUI Checkpoints and Car Insurance

“Nearly 15,000 vehicles passed through [Virginia’s] checkpoint[s] over a four hour period, resulting in three arrests for DUI . . . and one arrest for drugs, reported DUI.com, illustrating the measures Virginia authorities have been taking over the last year to curb drunk driving.  Aside from the goat that was found last July, checkpoints serve as a serious tool for law enforcement, and drivers should take checkpoints seriously as well.  But for the drivers who are busted, there are often many, many pressing questions.  A Virginia Criminal and DUI Lawyer is in the best position to help.

Your Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Attorney will exhibit knowledge and expertise to defend against your drunken driving offense.  Despite the complexities of the criminal justice system, law enforcement techniques, and modern scientific methods, your professional Norfolk and Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer can discredit the arresting officer.

If you’ve been charged with DUI, you may need to address many issues as a result.  One such issue is car insurance: alcohol-related driving offenses can send rates through the roof, because many companies calculate their rates based on factors including your driving record.

Insure.com explains how a DUI can affect one’s car insurance rates; “a rate hike may be the least of your problems; your policy could be cancelled or nonrenewed, especially if you are currently in a preferred rate class. Then you’ll be forced to look for new car insurance with the double-whammy of a DUI and a cancellation on your record.” If you don’t get immediately dropped, you can expect rates to increase dramatically – all the more reason to hire an experienced Virginia Beach DUI Attorney.  DUIAutoInsurance.com is a resource for citizens who need insurance, but who may possess a DUI or DWI record. Instead of reacting to the negative repercussions stemming from a conviction, why not fight the charge in court?

Sometimes it is difficult to gauge whether a person’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level is at a level where it would be legal to drive.  When in doubt, don’t drive.  “A BAC as low as .03 percent adversely affects driving ability. As little as one drink on an empty stomach can impair your ability to drive safely,” explains the Department of Motor Vehicles.   A recent study found that 11.5% of drinkers admitted to having driven within two hours after drinking in the past two months.  Most of the participants felt it was “likely” to be caught if drinking and driving.

Because authorities are cracking down like never before, in addition to the expensive consequences of a DUI charge on your record, speaking with a professional Norfolk or Virginia Beach DUI Lawyer is often in an accused person’s best interests.