Parents of DUI Victim Revealed Trailer with Vehicle Their Son Was Killed

Parents of Scott Leister, the victim who died in a fatal DUI crash five years ago, unveiled the trailer with the vehicle their son was in when he got killed.According to report, Leister was driving a Mercedes E420 east on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge east of Treasure Island when it got rear-ended by another vehicle traveling more than 100 mph. The victim died at the scene while three others sustained minor injuries.Jerell Puno, the driver of the other [...]

39-Year Old Man Fined for Reckless Driving

Following a fatal crash at Omwandi in Ondangwa, 39-year old Sammi Namgongo was arrested last December 2012 for reckless driving.Namgongo was sentenced last Friday in Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court for reckless and negligent driving. It was also found out during the initial investigation that the suspect was under the influence of alcohol when the incident happened.As the accused pleaded guilty to the charge, he was ordered to pay a fine of N$4000 or six months in prison.For more of this [...]

Safety Ideas for Fall Driving

Driving during fall can present some safety problems. To the careful driver, these problems can be handled with ease. A police chief recently offered some tips which can increase the safety during this season.The great thing about these tips is anyone can use them.For instance, according to Sherry Grindeland for, “Parking on the wrong side of the road is an accident waiting to happen when someone returns to their car and tries to pull into traffic.”You can click here for [...]

New Indictment Charged Against Reckless Driver

After being accused of driving recklessly that killed a pedestrian last year, Myron “Benjamin” Green is now facing another indictment which includes felony counts of second-degree manslaughter, second-degree vehicular manslaughter and driving while ability impaired by drugs.According to Warren County sheriff’s officers, the suspect admitted to taking a dose of Clonazepam a few hours before the incident took place. But then records show that the drug was not present in his blood system.Once convicted, Green is looking at a [...]

65-Year Old Man Charged with DUI

Larrie Taylor, 65 years old, was charged last Monday with second offense DUI.According to report, the suspect was traveling on Boggs Road when his pickup truck smashed into a utility pole. The second offense DUI charge was certified by a grand jury in Accomack County General District Court.Records show that Taylor previously spent eight years in prison after getting involved in a fatal crash that killed a Virginia State trooper 10 years ago.Click here for more of this news.

Reckless Driver Faces DUI Charge

Relative to a recent traffic stop, 41-year old Jeffrey A. Patchin, who had three prior DUI convictions, got cited for the same charge.According to report, authorities received a complaint regarding a reckless driving case on U.S. 20 in Hartland Township. The New London driver submitted himself to a breathalyzer test where results returned positive.Records show that Patchin had prior DUI convictions from 1991 to 2012.Visit for more of this story.

Three Arrests at Visalia DUI Checkpoint

Last Friday night, three drivers were arrested at Visalia DUI checkpoint on suspicion of driving under the influence.The DUI checkpoint was set up at Caldwell Avenue and Fairway Street from Friday evening to Saturday morning. Of the 271 vehicles that were screened during the spot check, three drivers were arrested.In addition to the motorists who got arrested for DUI, seven drivers were cited operating a vehicle without a license, five for driving with a suspended license and 17 for [...]

Basketball Star Faces DUI Charge

NBA star Lamar Odom was arrested last Friday morning for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.According to report, the basketball player was stopped by the police officers just outside Los Angeles after he was spotted driving erratically. Authorities followed him for three exits on a freeway before he was pulled over.After failing the sobriety test, Odom was arrested and booked into jail on a $15,000 bail.For more of this story, visit

Woman Arrested After Injuring 2 Children and 2 Adults

28-year old Erika Williams was arrested for DUI, aggravated assault while DUI, reckless endangering another person and criminal mischief last Saturday evening after she allegedly hit a mother, her two children and another woman all standing on the sidewalk.“There was so much commotion, drama, blood everywhere,” said neighbor Nature Williams. “It was just like it was out of the movie scene. It was horrible.”According to some witnesses, Williams was speeding along 900 block of Anchor Street. Apparently, she was [...]

Three-Year Imprisonment due to DUI

Following the death of a Wyoming victim, 54-year old Mary Stahl Ahern was sentenced to three years with the Montana Department of Corrections. The verdict was in connection with the September 2011 crash that killed two Wyoming individuals.On September 2011, Ahern was arrested for driving under the influence. The drunken driving crash killed an elderly Wyoming woman and seriously injured a Wyoming man who then passed away three months later.Relative to the incident, Ahern also received a concurrent three-year [...]