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Kelseyville Woman Faces DUI Charge

Kristina Branda, 22 years old, was arrested last Sunday evening for allegedly driving under the influence.According to report, Branda was driving a 1997 Cadillac north on Fairway Drive when her car went off the road and hit an embankment. Due to the collision’s impact, Branda’s passenger was transported to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital for treatment of head injuries.After being treated for minor injuries, Branda was then booked into Lake County Hill Road Correctional Facility.For more of this story, click [...]

38-Year Old Father Faces 5th DUI Charge

Brian Whittemore, 38 years old, is now facing his fifth DUI charge after he was spotted outside a liquor store with a child hanging out of the car.According to report, the Florida father was arrested by the police while he was driving with three children inside the car. At the time of the incident, three kids were with the suspect but only one of the children was Whittemore’s.Whittemore said during the field sobriety test, I'm just trying to get [...]

Both Husband and Wife Face DUI Charges

Following a traffic stop in Vernon Township early Wednesday morning, Steven Flick and Kimberly Joy flick were both arrested and charged with driving under the influence.Shortly after 1 a.m. on New Year’s day, Steven Flick was pulled over on Route 322. He was placed under arrested for allegedly driving under the influence, resisting arrest and fleeing the scene on foot.After an hour, Flick’s wife called the state police to make arrangements to pick up the husband. When Kimberly Flick [...]

Oklahoma Man Arrested for DUI

LeeRoy Edwards, 29 years old, was arrested last Monday by Oklahoma Highway Patrol for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs with a baby inside the vehicle.According to report, Edwards was stopped near the intersection of North Admiral Place and Sheridan Road after a trooper spotted his 2000 Nissan AG8 speeding with a broken rear tail light. He was then arrested and booked into Tulsa Jail for DUI charges.In addition to driving under the influence, Edwards will also be [...]

Passengers and Driver Injured in a DUI Crash

Last Wednesday morning in Burien, a suspected DUI crash left one passenger dead and others in critical condition.According to report, a vehicle was traveling northbound on 12th Avenue South near the intersection of 112th Street when the driver lost control, went off the road and then hit a tree. Three of the passengers inside the vehicle were all transported to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of injuries while one of them didn’t make it.Officers concluded that the driver was driving at [...]

Topeka Defense Lawyer Pleaded Guilty to DUI

Wendell Betts, Topeka defense attorney, pleaded guilty to several misdemeanor charges including DUI, possession of marijuana, driving with an open container and possession of drug paraphernalia in exchange for dismissal of felony indictments.According to report, Betts was arrested last Tuesday morning for alleged bond violations. As part of the plea agreement, felony stalking and other misdemeanors including improper driving on a laned road, improper left turn and violation of protective order were all dismissed.For more of this story, click [...]

Kardashian’s Paparazzi Won’t be Charged with Reckless Driving

Under the 2010 law prohibiting reckless driving in pursuit of a paparazzi payday, the three photographers who chased Kim Kardashian last Tuesday will not be charged of any traffic violation offense.In the review of a cam video showing the incident in 101 Freeway last Tuesday afternoon, there was no solid evidence that would positively identify the two shutterbugs of Kardashian. One of the photographers was cited for jumping out of his car to snap photos on the shoulder but [...]

Cyclist Eating Croissant Fined for Reckless Driving

Ivan Gonzalez, who was on his way to work in central Sabadell, was pulled over by the authorities for reckless driving. He was then asked to pay a fine of $135 for the said traffic offense.According to report, Gonzalez was eating croissant on the wheel just like his normal habit and that of many other cyclists in the city. While on his way to Sabadell, he was stopped by a local policeman and asked him to pay a fine.Gonzalez [...]

Bridgeport Woman Faces Reckless Driving Charge

Naima West, 32 years old, was arrested last Thursday afternoon for reckless driving.According to report, officers found West at Edgewood Road sitting inside her car that had stopped in the middle of the road. The suspect had blank look on her face and had admitted to police that she had smoked “dust” before the incident.Unable to perform field sobriety tests, West was charged with operating without a license, failure to drive right, driving under the influence and possession of [...]

Philo Woman Faces DUI Charge

Katheryn J. Daly, 24 years old, was charged with drunken driving after getting involved in a fatal crash that killed her cousin.According to report, the crash took place on County Road 1700 E at around 3:00 a.m. Daly was about to make a turn onto 600 N about 2 miles south of Philo when it skied over wet gravel. When the officers approached Daly, the noticed that she had bloodshot, watery eyes and that she also smelled of alcohol.If [...]