Car and Truck Accidents

Don’t you wish every driver were as aware or as safe as you are? Unfortunately this is not the case. If you’ve been the victim of a car accident caused by another party, make sure you have an attorney who will help you maximize the compensation to which you are entitled.

At Swango Law P.C., in Virginia Beach, we have the experience to make a difference. Attorney Jason Swango worked as a radiologist for ten years in a trauma center’s operating room. He applies this understanding to his personal injury practice. Understanding injuries from a medical perspective allows us to ask the right questions and help direct clients to proper medical care.

Sometimes you are simply more comfortable discussing legal and medical issues with someone who shares your perspective, your priorities and your concerns. If you or loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident, contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Guiding Your Through the Aftermath of an Auto Accident

We work with motor vehicle accident clients to get them the compensation they deserve. In investigating the particulars of your car accident and seeking compensation, we explore every avenue of recovery to address medical costs, pain and suffering, workers compensation, lost wages and property damage.

We understand the nuances of handling car, truck and motorcycle accidents. We know how to deal with situations involving uninsured or underinsured motorists, and we are comfortable taking on the large insurance companies that often back commercial drivers.

In addition to handling injury cases stemming from car, truck, or motorcycle accidents, we also represent injured pedestrians and bicyclists.

You Can Rely on Our Experience and Perspective

We approach every case with method, looking at matters from a holistic standpoint in order to address all aspects of your personal injury matter. Sometimes what seems like a straightforward personal injury case may result in a workers’ compensation claim, social security disability claim, or medical malpractice suit as well.

At Swango Law P.C., we aim to provide our clients with a superior level of services designed to address legal matters from your perspective. Contact our firm at (757) 383-9229 to schedule an initial consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer.