Can PTSD Lead to Sexual Assault?

Sexual Assault involves an intentional act; allegations related to this offense may include threats of violence, the use of intoxicating drugs with the intent to take advantage of the alleged victim, or the actual use of force. Norfolk and Virginia Beach are cities heavily populated with Veterans. Since the war in Iraq in the early 1990’s, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has gained widespread media attention. PTSD has likely existed for as long as humans have experienced traumatic events, however. Whether PTSD can lead to criminal behavior is the subject of debate and discussion nationwide. “I feel withdrawn a lot of the time and it’s constant problems between my wife and I. I just feel alone even when she’s there,” testified one Sgt. , quoted by In that same article, defense counsel of the same Sgt. is quoted as raising the question: “Can criminal activity manifest itself as a symptom of PTSD,” [the expert at trial responded]: “Yes, due to the angry outbursts, the aggression, the startle response, the anxiety, the fear involved.” For more information on PTSD, visit the National Center for Biotechnology Information website; if facing charges, contact your local Virginia Beach and Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorney.

There was once a “sexual assault problem” in the U.S. military, but after widespread negative publicity in the mid-2000’s, there have been serious efforts to minimize sexually based assaults. Your local Virginia Beach and Norfolk Service-friendly Criminal Defense Attorney is happy to hear your side of a case if you are enduring accusations, allegations, or charges.

In 2004, USATODAY reported that nearly 15% of female cadets said they’d been victims of sexual abuse. This statistic may indeed be accurate, at least according to an article from The Virginian Veteran, Addressing Disgrace, which reports; “of the women veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan who have walked into a Veterans Affairs facility, 15 percent have screened positive for military sexual trauma.” Criminal matters often are dealt with in special tribunals, but what about offenses alleged to have occurred in civilian life and after service has ended? Your local Virginia Beach and Norfolk-serving Criminal Defense Attorney has the legal experience and the service experience to relate to both your case and what you may be going through personally.