Overweight and Oversized Citations by your Virginia Beach Trucker’s Attorney

If you are an owner, employee, or contractor working for or with a logistics, freight or a distribution company involved in the movement of goods, you absolutely must have a firm understanding of the laws of the road.  Unfortunately, the laws in Virginia can be harsh in this regard.  There have been reports of overweight citations issued to individuals, despite the fact that they possessed valid hauling permits.  For an interesting blog article on the topic entitled, Virginia Hauling Permits: The Fine Print Could Cost You, click here. Your Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Tidewater region Trucking Lawyer is available .

Don’t risk thousands of dollars by appearing in court with no legal knowledge regarding your citation.  These citations can be thousands of dollars; take the case seriously and save money by contacting your Virginia Trucker’s Attorney today.

Just because a motor carrier possesses a Virginia Hauling Permit it does not mean traveling throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia is advisable or even legally possible, at least every route.  Your Virginia Beach Trucking and Overweight Citation Lawyer has gained experience defending these expensive citation cases.  Depending on the citation, the accused individual may very well save money by hiring an attorney to defend against these difficult-to-understand laws.

Another way in which truckers are finding themselves on the receiving end of citations is when he or she fails to obtain a proper escort in a scenario where one is required.  For example, crossing bridges on I-66 is a common portion of many routes.  Did you know that overweight citations can be issued to the driver as opposed to the business (carrier)?  In such a situation, drivers may seek an experienced Trucking Lawyer.  Virginia Beach and Norfolk are served by your local trusted Trucker’s Defense Attorney.  View his credentials here; schedule your consultation today, by clicking here.