Teens Are More Likely to be Involved in Reckless Driving – Studies Show

Studies indicate that younger drivers are the ones most likely to become involved in fatal car crashes in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated in a report that people aged from 15 to 24 account for about 22% of the fatalities involved in motor vehicle accidents.The study also indicates that fatal car crashes are more likely to occur in the Southern part of the United States. Though the study did not include the [...]

Believe It or Not… A Study Shows That Dancers Are the Worst Drivers

Based on the information gathered by, choreographers are the worst drivers on Britain's roads. The list that they came up with included all sorts of professionals -- from legal clerks to students -- so it can be a pretty accurate measurement of how different professions compare with each other when it comes to road safety.The people behind the website that gathered the information didn't do it out of plain curiosity. is actually a site dedicated to car [...]

Traffic Violations

Virginia Beach Traffic Ticket Lawyer Norfolk Reckless Driving Violations Attorney One of the biggest mistakes people make is to minimize the importance of a traffic ticket. For a variety of reasons, people prefer to just pay the fine and move one — without regard for other long-term consequences.In many situations it is smart to fight a traffic ticket. For example, reckless driving by speed is not a glorified traffic ticket — it is a criminal charge that could send you to [...]

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Contact Swango Law P.C.Virginia Beach Attorney Sometimes facing a legal battle, filing for divorce or fighting for compensation after you’ve been injured in an accident, is easier when you have the support of someone who understands and even shares your perspective. At Swango Law P.C., we understand the needs and priorities that you face.To speak with Jason Swango about your legal issue, contact our firm by calling (757) 383-9229 or by completing the form below. We look forward to hearing [...]

Traffic Case Results

A SAMPLE OF OUR RECENT RECKLESS DRIVING DEFENSE OF THOSE CHARGED WITH RECKLESS DRIVING*: *DISCLAIMER - CASE RESULTS DEPEND ON A VARIETY OF FACTORS UNIQUE TO EACH CASE AND CASE RESULTS DO NOT GUARANTEE OR PREDICT A SIMILAR RESULT IN ANY FUTURE CASE UNDERTAKEN BY THE LAWYER.Virginia Beach: Charged with Reckless Driving 80/55. RESULT: Reduced to speeding 15-19 over.Virginia Beach: Charged with Reckless Driving passing a school bus while picking up children. RESULT: Reduced to Improper Driving.Chesapeake: Charged with Reckless Driving 78/55. RESULT: Dismissed.Chesapeake: [...]


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Addressing the Legal Needs of Individuals, Families and Businesses throughout Virginia At Swango Law P.C., in Virginia Beach, we approach the law from a unique perspective. We purposely limit our practice areas to arenas that affect you most. To schedule an initial consultation with attorney Jason Swango, contact us to arrange an appointment. Call (757) 383-9229. Divorce and Family Law When you’re a man going through divorce, sometimes it’s easier to talk to another man about your situation. Our firm is devoted [...]

Aggressive DUI, Criminal Defense, Reckless Driving,and Divorce Defense in Virginia Beach and Surrounding Areas

Swango Law P.C. provides focused legal defense throughout the Virginia Beach and Norfolk areas — including Portsmouth, Newport news, Hampton and Chesapeake, Virginia — by an attorney with extensive experience. Our law practice focuses primarily on traffic violations defense, DUI defense and criminal law. We also have a division in our firm that is dedicated to divorce and family law issues as well as personal injury. Aggressive Legal Services From a Former Member of the Military Attorney Jason Swango is a [...]