Swango Law offers a variety of comprehensive services in the Virginia Beach and Norfolk areas. Some of the cases we handle include: violations and DUI defense, family law issues (such as child custody and visitation), personal injury and divorce. Our experiences attorneys are equipped with the background and expertise to help you win your case. We specialize in assisting military members and men because we understand the challenges they face within the legal system, and do whatever we can to protect their rights.

Hampton DUI Lawyers

Our Hampton DUI lawyers have extensive experience working with clients who have been charged with a DUI. If you’ve been charged, you shouldn’t take it lightly. There are many repercussions to being guilty to a DUI charge. You can face a jail sentence, various fines, and even lose your license. It isn’t uncommon for those charged to be deemed guilty until proven innocent; a DUI is a hard acronym to run away from. We thoroughly investigate your case to make sure nothing is overlooked and you get the best possible outcome.

Hampton Criminal Defense Lawyers

As Hampton criminal defense lawyers, we are respected throughout the legal community and judicial system. We work with the most experienced professionals and officials to get you the best possible outcome. We years of experience behind us, we’ve developed strategies and connections that have worked wonders for our clients. Our defense strategies have helped clients who were facing a variety of criminal charges.

Traffic Lawyers In Hampton, VA

Our traffic lawyers in Hampton, VA work hard to beat your traffic tickets. Some people may underestimate the value of a traffic lawyer: in the best scenarios, we can have your ticket dismissed entirely. However, even if the ticket is not dismissed entirely, we may be able to get out of points or receive a reduced fine. We have the know-how and experience to put you in a much better position than you would be standing alone.