3 Reasons Why Truckers Issued Citations Should Seek Counsel

Today, I want to provide you with the top three reasons why I believe any trucker issued a citation in the Commonwealth should seek an experienced trucker’s lawyer.  First, you can lose the critical document that you use to make a living – your commercial driver’s license.  Second, your lawyer can request a “temporary reprieve” of a suspension of your license.  Third, it is crucial to understand the relationship between you, your employer, and the state.

Why do states regulate truckers?  West Virginia is a prime example of a state that regulates truckers due to public policy concerns.  For example, this Citizen Action Group website states, “[a]s coal trucks have become heavier, they have become more of a hazard to innocent bystanders. Since January of 2000, at least 18 people have been killed in accidents involving coal trucks.”  The bottom line is that many take trucking violations seriously.  If you need further persuasion to consult a Virginia Beach or Norfolk Trucker’s Attorney, consider the fact that you may rely on your commercial driver’s license to support yourself and your family.  Your lawyer can assure you that your court date will be scheduled fast, so you can avoid losing your license if possible.  Further, your Virginia Trucking Lawyer can request leniency if you do face a suspension – it is possible to ask the court for a “temporary reprieve” of a suspension!

If you are involved in the movement of goods, you must have a firm understanding of the laws of the road.  The truth of the matter is this: employees AND employers can be held accountable for their violations on the road, even if it relates to the job.  For an article explaining why the possession of a Virginia Hauling Permit does not guarantee that law enforcement will let you on your way if you are pulled over, click here. Your Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Tidewater region Trucking Lawyer is available .  Three of the most common ways truckers find themselves in trouble within the Commonwealth are: oversize violations; overweight violations; and lack of an escort (i.e., when crossing certain bridges).  

There are numerous ways an individual engaged in transportation incur a citation.  Whether the issue is about a spill, reckless driving, expired registration, defective equipment, log book discrepancies, or overweight violations, you can trust your local Virginia Beach Trucker’s Lawyer to use his knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible outcome in court.