Overweight and Oversized Citations by your Virginia Beach Trucker’s Attorney

If you are an owner, employee, or contractor working for or with a logistics, freight or a distribution company involved in the movement of goods, you absolutely must have a firm understanding of the laws of the road.  Unfortunately, the laws in Virginia can be harsh in this regard.  There have been reports of overweight citations issued to individuals, despite the fact that they possessed valid hauling permits.  For an interesting blog article on the topic entitled, Virginia Hauling [...]

Celebrities Caught Driving Under the Influence

It seems like celebrities getting caught driving under the influence have become a common occurrence these days. Whether we read it on the newspaper or see it on television, it's no surprise to see another Hollywood celeb caught drunk driving.While we expect these stars to face charges just like the rest of the people who arrested for DUI, their cases rarely result in jail time, or if they do, only for a very short stint. Could this be one [...]

38-Year Old Father Faces 5th DUI Charge

Brian Whittemore, 38 years old, is now facing his fifth DUI charge after he was spotted outside a liquor store with a child hanging out of the car.According to report, the Florida father was arrested by the police while he was driving with three children inside the car. At the time of the incident, three kids were with the suspect but only one of the children was Whittemore’s.Whittemore said during the field sobriety test, I'm just trying to get [...]