What You Need to Know About DUI Traffic Stops

What You Need to Know About DUI Traffic Stops

This post will be dedicated to answering the most common questions about driving under the influence, legal alcohol limits, defending a drunk driving case, and finding the right DUI lawyer in Norfolk, VA.

What is the legal limit for blood alcohol limit (BAC)?

It is illegal for you to drive while impaired by ANY substance. Impairment means that enough of the drug is in your system to alter your thinking and driving. Many people impaired long before they think they are.

For alcohol, if you have a BAC of 0.08% or higher, then you can be charged with driving under the influence (DUI). IF you are under the age of 21, then a BAC of even 0.01% or 0.02% can be enough to charge you with a DUI or DWI.

How do police know if I’m driving under the influence?

Police have a variety of tools they can use to check you sobriety. Erratic driving is often enough for police to pull you over. Swerving, not obeying traffic signs or traffic lights, speeding, or driving too slowly signals to officers that you are driving drunk.

After stopping you, the police officer may feel that you are intoxicated. In this case, he will ask you get out of the car to perform sobriety tests. You’ve probably heard of some of these field sobriety tests: walking in a straight line, standing on one leg, or undergoing a speech test. Also, the officer will watch your eyes for pupil dilation.

If you fail these tests, then the officer will take you in to perform a more thorough chemical test. Normally, either a sample of your blood, urine, or breath will be taken. If your BAC is above 0.08%, then you will be charged with a DUI.

Do I have to take the tests?

You can usually refuse to take the chemical test, but doing so will invoke the “implied consent” law. You will likely have your driver’s license suspended, even if the court deems you not guilty.

If I have been charged with drunk driving, should I get a lawyer?

It’s a good idea to search for DUI lawyers in Norfolk, VA if you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI. A good lawyer can mean the difference between a suspended/revoked license or jail time and a reduced sentence or case dismissal.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI or a DWI, then it’s important you find a lawyer as quickly as possible. Getting ahead of the case will give you an advantage in the courtroom, and give your attorney the most time to prepare an adequate defense. If you are in need of a consultation, the partners at Swango Law are ready to help. You can reach our office by phone at (757) 383-9229 or through our website at Swango Law.

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