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Enfield Officer Faces DUI Charge

45-year old Thomas Chagnon, an Enfield officer, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.According to report, Chagnon was arrested operating a vehicle while intoxicated. During the initial interrogation, it was found out that the police officer was driving with his children as passengers inside the vehicle.In addition to driving under the influence, the 26-year veteran police officer is likely to face charges on endangerment of child welfare.For more of this news, click here.

Police Sergeant Arrested for DUI

Ryan Cole, 47 years old, was charged with driving under the influence in Napa County Superior Court after sideswiping a vehicle on Second Street.According to report, the incident took place at around 2:45 a.m. Cole allegedly sideswiped a parked vehicle in 2200 block of Second Street and then drove to a city parking lot near Second and Seminary streets. A witness who heard the collision called 911 to report the accident.A blood alcohol test was administered and Cole’s BAC [...]

Trunk Road Speed Limits Lowered in Some Scottish Towns

Scottish government officials have ordered a decree to try out a speed limit in five communities – Largs, Maybole, Langholm, Biggar, and Oban. Its main objective is to see whether limiting road speeds on these places will improve road and driving safety.According to the article published by heraldscotland, the trial will commence next spring or summer. About how the list was narrowed down, 14 towns were originally selected according to accident rates, traffic datas, and vehicle road speeds.The other [...]