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19-Year Old Man Faces DUI Charge

Garrett Peterson, 19 years old, was formally charged with aggravated DUI after he got involved in a fatal crash that killed an 18-year old man early Sunday morning.According to report, Peterson was traveling westbound on Raab Road when he lost control of his vehicle and struck a utility pole. 18-year Peyton Scheuermann was pronounced dead shortly after the incident took place.The suspect was then arrested and booked into McLean County Jail on a $100,025 bond.For more of this story, [...]

Philo Woman Faces DUI Charge

Katheryn J. Daly, 24 years old, was charged with drunken driving after getting involved in a fatal crash that killed her cousin.According to report, the crash took place on County Road 1700 E at around 3:00 a.m. Daly was about to make a turn onto 600 N about 2 miles south of Philo when it skied over wet gravel. When the officers approached Daly, the noticed that she had bloodshot, watery eyes and that she also smelled of alcohol.If [...]

Kristen Forester Arrested for DUI

8-year old Kristen Forester was arrested last Oct. 21 for allegedly driving under the influence.According to report, Forester was pulled over early morning on Oct. 21 by the authorities after she was spotted driving while wearing only her bra and panties. When the officers approached Forester, they noticed a strong odor of alcohol."I then asked why she had no clothes on, which she stated she was at work and drove home like that," officer Michael Azevedo wrote in the [...]

Man Faces DUI Charge After Crashing into a Police Car

Agusto Martinez was charged last Friday for allegedly driving under the influence and striking the vehicle of two plain-clothed police officers.According to report, the incident took place on Highway 95 near Eastern Avenue last Nov. 20, 2010. Both police officers sustained injuries from the accident. Records also show that Martinez’ blood alcohol level as beyond 0.20- more than twice the legal limit.The bail was set by Judge Gloria Sturman at $150,000.For more of this story, click here.

Parents of DUI Victim Revealed Trailer with Vehicle Their Son Was Killed

Parents of Scott Leister, the victim who died in a fatal DUI crash five years ago, unveiled the trailer with the vehicle their son was in when he got killed.According to report, Leister was driving a Mercedes E420 east on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge east of Treasure Island when it got rear-ended by another vehicle traveling more than 100 mph. The victim died at the scene while three others sustained minor injuries.Jerell Puno, the driver of the other [...]

Driver Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

A suspected drunk driver was arrested last Wednesday evening near Oceanside Boulevard after getting involved in a fatal crash that killed one passenger.According to report, the accident took place around 6:30 p.m. near Avenida del Oro in Oceanside. The vehicle that the suspect was driving slammed into a palm tree, causing it to split into two parts. A female passenger was killed by the impact.Authorities said the suspect is likely to face charges on manslaughter and DUI.Click here for [...]

29-Year-Old Mother Arrested for DUI

Ashlee Huber, 29 years old, was arrested last Tuesday outside an Overland Park elementary school for allegedly driving under the influence while picking up her child.According to records, Huber went to Commanche Elementary School to pick up her daughter from kindergarten, but an employee from the school got concerned.“Sometimes situations are difficult, but when something happens, staff takes every step possible to make sure safety concern is taken care of, in this case meant calling police,” said Leigh Ann [...]

Double DUI Arrest for Siblings

Last Friday, Erin Donst and his sibling Bethany Donst were arrested in Lehigh Valley in Easton for driving under the influence.According to report, 30-yearl Bethany Donst was pulled over by Easton police in northern New Jersey after she was found to be driving under the influence. She then called her sister to pick up the car but when Erin Donst arrived at the scene, police also noted that the second suspect had been drinking too.Both siblings were booked into [...]

Two Drivers Arrested for DUI

Two men were arrested last Sunday night in South Sacramento after their vehicles collided with each other. Based on the initial investigation, both drivers were drunk when the incident happened.According to report, both drivers had minor children in their cars while they were drunk driving along 42nd Avenue and Leola Way. One victim, a 7 year old boy, was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of serious injuries.In another vehicle, a 13-year old girl and her grandfather fled [...]

Two Drivers Arrested for DUI

22-year old Eric Stewart and 23-year old Brandon Walsh were cited for DUI following a fatal crash that left an elderly couple dead.According to report, a driver was traveling north on York Road when they crossed the center line and smashed the elderly couple’s car head-on.“It’s tragic. And especially when you have two people. There’s a family somewhere that’s lost their loved ones,” said Corporal John Wachter, Baltimore County Police.For more of this story, click here.