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62-Year Old Man Faces his 14th DUI Charge

Edwin Cuch, 62 years old, appeared in Yellowstone County District Court and pleaded not guilty to his 14th DUI charge.According to report, Cuch was arrested last Oct. 19 after the authorities received a complaint regarding a possible DUI driver. When a police officer responded to the scene, he saw the driver slumped over the wheel with a can of liquor between his legs.A field sobriety test was conducted which Cuch poorly performed. He also refused to submit himself to [...]

Highgate Man Arrested for DUI

25-year old Daniel Burnor was arrested last Friday evening for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs.According to Vermont State Police, Burnor was pulled over by a police officer for not using his directional signal in Enosburgh. The suspect was making a turn from Depot Street to Pleasant Street when he got arrested.Burnor was then taken into custody and participated in a full evaluation by a Drug Recognition Expert. He is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 25.For [...]

44-Year Old Woman Faces DUI Charge

Christine Bigman, 44 years old, was arrested last Sunday for driving under the influence of alcohol.According to authorities, a passing driver called the police to report a crash in front of the Billings Depot on Montana Avenue. Bigmann drove her Ford Taurus station wagon up a short flight of concrete stairs.Both the female driver and her passenger were injured in the accident. Bigman will be facing charges on DUI, operating a vehicle with a suspended license and driving without [...]

Female Driver Arrested for DUI

A female driver was taken into custody Monday morning for allegedly driving while under the influence.According to report, the female driver and her male passenger got injured after the vehicle they are in rolled over in Northeast Philadelphia. The accident took place in the northbound lanes of Roosevelt Boulevard.The driver and her passenger were transported to the hospital for immediate treatment. While the driver is now in stable condition, the male passenger is still in critical state.For more of [...]

Football Coach Arrested for DUI

49-year old Darren Bennett, a football coach in Tulare High, was arrested last week on suspicion for driving under the influence.According to report, the police received a call regarding a car being driven by an irresponsible motorist near Ben Maddox Way and Caldwell Avenue. Police responded to the scene and saw the suspect driving erratically. An officer turned on the siren and lights of the car but Bennett didn’t stop.After a field sobriety test was conducted, Bennett was booked [...]

Guadalupe Man Arrested for DUI

Following a head-on collision on Betteravia Road, an unidentified man from Guadalupe was arrested early Saturday morning for driving under the influence.According to report, the 24-year old suspect was driving on Betteravia, west of Sinton Road, when he drifted into the opposing lane and collided head-on with the two-axle Freightliner. The 62-year old man driving the Freightliner was traveling at 20 mph when the crash took place.Due to the collision’s impact, the Guadalupe man sustained leg injuries and lacerations. [...]

22-Year Old Driver Pleaded Guilty to DUI

Alrick Taylor, 22-years old, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence after he crashed into the Kidder Street restaurant last Jan. 14.According to record, Taylor crossed Kidder Street and sped down a grassy hill before he smashed into a 2003 Ford Escape. Police said Taylor had a blood alcohol level of .176 percent when the incident took place.While out of bail, Taylor also pleaded guilty to another criminal charge. In connection to the recent charge, he entered into a [...]

51-Year Old Man Charged with DUI

Mickey Lee Hauri, 51 years old, was charged last Wednesday with driving under the influence after the Florida Highway Patrol Troopers spotted him driving into the path of an oncoming vehicle.According to report, Hauri was traveling west on Easy Street Wednesday evening when he crossed U.S. 41. He then entered the path of the van and was subsequently thrown from his bicycle.Troopers said Hauri was under the influence of alcohol when the arrest took place. In addition to DUI, [...]

29-Year Old Woman Sentenced for DUI

Leslie Juarez, 29 years old, was sentenced last Thursday to nine years in prison in relation to a DUI crash that killed a motorcyclist and injured another driver.According to court record, Juarez pleaded guilty last Sept. 10 to one felony count of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence while intoxicated, driving with a BAC level of .08% or more, driving under the influence causing bodily harm and a sentencing enhancement for inflicting great bodily harm.The fatal crash occurred last March [...]