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Former Police Officer Convicted for Dirty DUI Scandal

50-year old Stephen Tanabe was convicted by a federal jury of six felonies for his participation in the so called “Dirty DUI” scheme.Tanabe was with his family and friends when the court clerk read conspiracy and multiple counts of wire fraud and extortion. After the verdict was rendered, he declined to make any comment regarding the case."To go from an honest and respected police officer to a felon, it's devastating," Pori said. "This is devastating for Mr. Tanabe and [...]

21-Year Old Driver Arrested for Reckless Driving

Last Thursday evening, 21-year old Kaloomps man was arrested after traveling at a high rate of speed on Highway 71 toward Penticton.After the Penticton officers tried to stop the driver, the suspect ignored the warning and continued at a speed of 140 km/h in a 80 km/h zone.The man was finally arrested and is now facing charges related to traffic offenses. Police also found out that the Kaloomps man had a few outstanding warrants issued in Manitoba.For more of [...]

Dunkirk Man Arrested for Reckless Driving

David B. Anzalone, 29 years old, was arrested last Saturday morning for reckless driving.According to report, the suspect lead the authorities on a chase from Fredonia up to the latter’s home at King Street. Officers said Anzalone took off at high rate of speed and ran a few red lights.In addition, the suspect also turned off his headlights and refused to pull over. He is also facing other charges including unlawful possession of marijuana, fleeing a police officer and [...]

Delaware Man Faces 7th DUI Charge

59- year old Darren McGrath was arrested by the Delaware State Police at North DuPont Boulevard for driving under the influence. According to the suspect’s criminal records, this is McGrath’s 7th DUI charge.In addition to DUI, the suspect will also be facing charges on failure to stop at a red light and driving with a suspended or revoked license.He was booked into Sussex Correctional Institution on a $10,600 bail.For more up-do-date news on DUI, click here.

Frederick Checkpoint Yielded 3 Arrests

Last Friday evening, Maryland State Police conducted a DUI checkpoint at Md. 26 and Routzhan Way. Three drivers were arrested for driving under the influence.During the spot check, a total of 392 vehicles were screened. Authorities were able to detain 11 drivers. Two drivers were cited during the checkpoint and the third one was arrested after he left the spot check.According to state police, the location was picked based on the areas with the most number of DUI arrests.For [...]

91-Year Old Man Faces Reckless Driving Charge

Marseill William Gunnyon, 91 years old, was arrested for reckless driving after he failed to stop at road blocks put up for an investigation.According to report, the highway between Biggs Junction and Rufus was closed in connection to a shooting investigation that is still in progress. Troopers spotted Gunnyon’s vehicle in the closed section. When he was told to turn back, he continued and even refused to take the exit.In addition to the reckless driving charge, Gunnyon was also [...]

Motorcyclist Faces Reckless Driving Charge

On August 8, police officers followed 19-year old Austin Michael Collins drove southbound after he took an item from the store without paying for it. Authorities then spotted him as he failed to stop at a red light.In an attempt to stop the suspect, officers turned on their lights and siren. But instead of coming to a complete stop, Collins ran another red light and headed northbound.While the suspect adhered to the 35 mph speed limit, he was still [...]

Man with Kids Inside the Vehicle Arrested for Reckless Driving

After trying to lead the authorities on a car chase, Jacob Mitchell was arrested for reckless driving late Saturday evening.According to report, Charlotte County received a call from a woman saying that her husband was driving recklessly with their kids inside the vehicle. She called back requesting for her previous call to be cancelled. Apparently, the operator didn’t give in to such request due to 911 policy.When the authorities pursued the vehicle, Mitchell refused to halt. But when the [...]

Jonesboro Woman Faces DUI Charge

After a Gwinnett County police saw her drove the wrong way for a few miles on I-85, Alysha Harvin was arrested for several charges last Sunday morning, including DUI.“Prior to getting Ms. Harvin stopped, she caused a four-car accident on I-85 north near Pleasant Hill Road,” Work said in an e-mail. “That incident caused one vehicle to flip several times while the others collided with each other.”According to report, Harvin admitted to the officers that she had a drink [...]