Aldon Smith Arrested for DUI and Possession of Marijuana

San Francisco 49ers All-Pro linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested last Friday morning for allegedly driving under the influence.Police said the linebacker was arrested after they received a call from a concerned resident regarding a crash in the city’s Silver Creek. After the authorities have seen the driver’s vehicle struck a tree, they gave the suspect a few tests to determine if he was indeed intoxicated when the incident happened."I expect Aldon – like today – he'll be back to [...]

27-Year Old Driver to Face DUI Charge

Nicole Moore, 27 years old, was arrested for driving under the influence after she got involved in a fatal crash that injured a 5-month old and a six-year old child.According to report, Moore’s vehicle hit another car head-on. Due to the collision’s impact, two children in Moore’s car were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries. The suspect, along with the driver of the other vehicle, was also brought to the hospital for their injuries.Awaiting the results of [...]

Local Builder Faces DUI Charge

A well-known local builder Brian Edward Ehlers was arrested early Saturday morning after he allegedly got involved in a DUI accident.According to report, the driver was traveling northbound on U.S. 441 near southeast 59th street when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed on the east shoulder of the road. He then left the scene of the accident and was later found asleep in a pile of ants.The driver was then taken to Marion County jail where he [...]

25-Year Old Woman Died in a DUI Crash

A Mesa County woman was believed to be driving under the influence when she was killed in a car crash last Friday night.Authorities said the woman was driving her 1988 Toyota SR 5 when she lost control of the vehicle near 33 road. The vehicle swerved off the right side of the road and subsequently began spinning before it rolled onto its left side.Before she was even brought to the hospital, she was pronounced dead at the scene.Visit [...]

KC Checkpoint Yielded 16 Arrests

Last Friday night, Kansas City police conducted a sobriety checkpoint at Prospect and Independence Avenue. Of the 273 vehicles screened, a total of 16 drivers were cited for driving under the influence.During the 5-hour operation, six motorists were arrested for operating a vehicle with revoked license, three for hazardous violations and 10 for other traffic violations.In addition, there was one minor who got cited for possession of alcohol and two drivers for possession of marijuana.For more up-to-date news, click [...]

Two DUI Charges within 3 Hours

Laura Kelsch, 58 years old, was arrested for driving under the influence twice within a 3-hour period.According to report, the first arrest happened when the vehicle Kelsch was driving smashed into the front portion of a Black Diamond store. She was supposed to be taken to Enumclaw jail but the place was so full that she was eventually released. But within half an hour, she returned to buy an alcohol and that was when the her husband’s truck got [...]

Former Beauty Queen Faces DUI Charge

Last Friday evening, former Mrs. West Virginia Marissa K. Loftis was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and for almost hitting a Kanawha County deputy’s cruiser.Police said the 27-year old suspect was traveling at a high rate of speed on I-77 when she nearly struck a deputy’s cruiser. A traffic stop was initiated and that was when Loftis was pulled over for a field sobriety test.The suspect’s blood alcohol level registered at 0.213 percent- more than twice the [...]

57-Year Old Driver Arrested for DUI

After getting involved in a car crash at Mountain Range High School in Westminster, Burton Carpenter, 57 years old, was arrested for driving under the influence.According to report, Carpenter was pulling into the parking lot of the school when he sideswiped a parked pickup truck. The suspect was driving the students back to Mountain Range High School when the incident happened.In addition, the suspect was also charged with reckless endangerment and child abuse.For more of this story, click here.

24-Year Old Driver Cited for DUI

Following a fatal crash that killed one motorist on east Ponce De Leon Avenue, Kevin Lach, 24 years old, was arrested Friday morning for allegedly driving under the influence.According to report, Lach was traveling on east Ponce when he struck a motorcycle head-on. The 58-year old motorcyclist Nathanial Hollis was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.In addition to DUI, the suspect will also face charges on failure to maintain a lane and first-degree vehicular homicide.For more up-to-date [...]

Reckless Driver Faces DUI Charge

Relative to a recent traffic stop, 41-year old Jeffrey A. Patchin, who had three prior DUI convictions, got cited for the same charge.According to report, authorities received a complaint regarding a reckless driving case on U.S. 20 in Hartland Township. The New London driver submitted himself to a breathalyzer test where results returned positive.Records show that Patchin had prior DUI convictions from 1991 to 2012.Visit for more of this story.