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DUI Suspect to Serve 5 Years in Prison

52-year old Jesus Luna pleaded guilty to a DUI charge that resulted to the death of a 56-year old grandmother. The Burbank man was sentenced by Cook County Criminal Court Judge Diane Cannon to five years in prison.According to records, the victim was about to get to her the driver’s door when Luna came driving south on Pulaski. Luna’s vehicle struck the victim’s car on the rear left panel which then resulted to the latter’s death.After Luna was taken [...]

Racecar Driver Faces DUI Charge

64-year old San Jose Man was arrested last Friday night on suspicion of driving under the influence.According to report, the racecar driver Leslie Charles Hunter was participating at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville when a sheriff’s deputy suspected him of being under the influence while driving.Police said the driver was arrested in the pit area of the raceway. Meanwhile, CHP did not make any comment on Hunter’s arrest.For more of this story, visit

26-Year Old Woman Arrested for DUI

Rebecca Brooks, 26 years old, was arrested last Tuesday evening on suspicion of felony driving under the influence.According to police report, the suspect was driving westbound on State Route 299 when she lost control of her vehicle and struck a pickup. Brooks failed to negotiate the right-hand curve which caused her to hit the pickup truck.During the initial investigation, it was found out that the suspect was indeed intoxicated during the accident. Brooks was arrested and booked into Humboldt [...]

30 Years in Prison for DUI Charge

Harry Easter, 37 years old, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for driving under the influence during an accident that killed three individuals.Last June 2011, Easter was traveling along Indian Head Highway when he hit a vehicle that was pushed further into a tree. Three passengers died while one sustained serious injuries.Apparently, Easter was found guilty of driving under the influence causing life-threatening injuries and motor vehicle manslaughter.For more up-to-date news, click here.

Police County Chief Arrested for DUI

59-year old Richard L. Pickles was charged by Susquehanna Police last Thursday for driving under the influence.According to report, the Perry County police chief was pulled over by a Susquehanna Township police after the former failed to stop at a stop sign. He also had a blood alcohol content level of 0.082 percent, indicative that the suspect was indeed intoxicated while driving.Pickles will also face charges on failure to stop at a stop sign in addition to driving under [...]

DUI Driver Killed a Sleeping Woman

23-year old Chaz Allen Simmons was arrested for driving under the influence last Thursday after he allegedly crashed his truck through a building in Roane County.Police said Simmons was noticeably intoxicated when he crashed his Chevrolet Colorado pickup into a building in Looneyville. The collision caused the death of a woman sleeping inside the building.While Kelly Castro was pronounced dead at the scene, William Cottrell, who as also sleeping in the building, remained in critical condition.Visit for more [...]

Last Minute Touches on Byne’s DUI Case

So to avoid trial in her one-year old DUI case, Amanda Bynes is pretty close to render a plea in a no-jail deal.According to report, Byne’s lawyer appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom and asked a judge not to set a trial date yet as the actress is hoping to finalize a deal right after the return of her prosecutors form a vacation."We just need to talk to the prosecutor on a couple more details and we should be [...]

Judge Ordered Trial for a DUI Suspect

Last Wednesday, a judge ruled that the 18-year old DUI suspect should stand trial on charges of DUI and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.18-year old Timothy Theodore Barnette is looking at a 10-year imprisonment if convicted. The charges stemmed from a fatal crash last May 16 that killed a 22-year old boy.According to police report, Barnette was found positive for Xanax, inhalants and marijuana.Check for more up-to-date news.

Vacaville Man Faces his 6th DUI charge

57-year old Claudell Jack Jr. was arrested last Tuesday morning in Santa Rosa for driving under the influence. According to records, this is Jack’s 17th offense for driving with a suspended license.Police said it was around 1:25 a.m. when the suspect was driving west on College Avenue when he made a rapid left turn in front of a Volkswagen driving east on College Avenue. The Volkswagen made a complete stop while Jack proceeded west in the right lane.In addition [...]

Woman Dies After Arrested for DUI

Shortly after she was arrested and booked into Oconee County Jail, a Madison County woman who got involved in a DUI case died last Wednesday.According to Georgia Bureau of Investigation Agent Mike Ayers, the woman “was held in the booking area and about 10:40 (p.m.) she was discovered by the staff in distress”. “The EMS arrived and worked on her until they reached Athens Regional Medical Center, where she was eventually pronounced dead.”As the autopsy is still to be [...]