DUI Suspect Taken Straight to Jail After Killing His Passenger

Following a car crash that killed his passenger, 18-year old man was taken straight to jail after being treated in the hospital. Martin Alejandro Acosta-Alvarado was arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and driving under the influence.According to the police report, the suspect was caught stealing beer from a 7-Eleven store. He was also seen speeding along Pearl toward the Capitol Auto Mall when he lost control of the vehicle.Due to the collision’s impact, the passenger [...]

19-Year Old Man Arrested for Double Fatal Texting DUI

Austin Molinich, 19 years old, was arrested for homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter after getting involved in a car crash that killed two individuals.According to police report, Molinich’s phone records show that he had been texting before he crossed into an oncoming traffic. And because his attention was not on the road, his vehicle crashed into a car driven by a 71-yeard old Donald Evans Sr.Although Molinich wasn’t legally drunk at the time of the incident, he was [...]

Philadelphia Man Faces Possible DUI Charge

According to the police, 48-year old Philadelphia man may face driving under the influence charges after being run over by his own car.Afternoon last Saturday, the police responded to a one-car accident in the 2500 block of Second Street Pike in Wrightstown. When the authorities arrived at the scene, they found the driver injured and lethargic.A witness told the police that the man stopped his car on the road and asked her if she had any gas for his [...]

Wrong-Way Driver Got Arrested for DUI

Following a car collision early Tuesday morning, a wrong-way driver was charged with extreme DUI.According to police report, the suspect was traveling on Greenway Road when it took the northbound off-ramp instead of southbound on-ramp. He traveled south in the northbound lanes for seven minutes before plowing into the dividing wall.Allan Tapia, who was travelling on the same lane, tried to avoid the wrong-way vehicle but wasn’t able to. The former was traveling at 65 mph when his vehicle [...]

Woman Driving with Two Children Faces DUI Charge

Stay Dawn Rattray, who was driving with two small children, was arrested for DUI in Great Falls.According to the police, they found Rattray in her car in the drive-through lane with two children and an open container. The DUI suspect was having problem finding her license, registration and insurance.During the initial interview, Rattray admitted to drinking alcohol and told the police that she was only babysitting the two girls but could not remember the mother’s name.For more of this [...]

Stripper Pleaded Not Guilty in a DUI Charge

26-year old Shauna Diane Miller pleaded not guilty to felony DUI charges in Clark County District Court.Last March, Miller was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. She was driving a Hummer H2 when her vehicle collided with a Ford Escort that killed the driver.According to police report, she had two beers during her work shift and had taken 8 Xanax pills the night before. Miller’s blood alcohol level was more than two times the legal [...]

30-year Old Man Faces DUI Charge

Following a car crash that killed a toddler and injured four other individuals, Raymond man was arrested for driving under the influence.According to the report, the car collision took place on Mississippi 18 at Springridge Road in Hinds County. 30-year old Brett Prince was driving his Ford pickup when it hit a Ford Expedition.Christopher Salas, 1 year old, was killed at the scene. Police officers said he was in a car seat inside the Ford Expedition when the accident [...]

Revised DUI Laws Soon to be Approved

Following the fatal car crash in Seattle, lawmakers finally agreed to a set of changes on the DUI laws.“This is what we can get support for this session and what can be financed,” said David Postman, an Inslee spokesman. “It’s going to cut down on impaired driving in this state, and you can’t walk away from something like that just because it’s not everything. It’s too important an issue to do that.”The unanimously approved Senate Bill 5921 would now [...]

Missoula Man Faces DUI Charge

25-year old Gary Wayne Morehead, who was found without pants and running shoes, faces his forth DUI charge.Early Sunday morning, dispatchers received a call about a man in the driver’s seat of a running vehicle. The car stopped in the middle of the intersection at Wyoming and Catlin streets. When the police officers arrived at the scene, they found Morehead in the back seat with missing pants and shoes.The DUI suspect failed the sobriety tests while his breath test [...]

12 Arrests in a DUI Sobriety Checkpoint

Over the weekend, 12 individuals were arrested by the Howard County police officers during a DUI sobriety checkpoint. The evening spot check was set up at the intersection of Route 40 westbound and Governors Run Way in Ellicott City.A total of 998 vehicles were screened during the checkpoint. Six drivers were arrested for driving under the influence, three for drug violation and another three for driving on a suspended license.As part of promoting road safety, all the drivers who [...]