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Safety Tips for Women Drivers

Although it doesn't necessarily follow that men are far better drivers than women, that doesn't mean that both sexes are equally capable of tackling troubles that may pop up when on the road. Female drivers may face unique challenges and perils when driving. There are many possible unforeseen circumstances that women may not know how to handle.  Because of this, female drivers, especially when driving alone, feel vulnerable. If you are a female driver, it's important to know a thing or two [...]

Georgia Teen Facing Three Criminal Charges Related to Reckless Driving

Arron Connolly, a 17-year-old Franklin County driver, is facing three criminal charges and $1,217 in traffic tickets following a car chase through the town of Georgia. Connolly was reported to have improperly displayed emergency blue lights.According to Vermont Superior court, Connolly is facing charges of attempting to escape, excessive speed and negligent operation.State Trooper Jeff Smith reported that seven traffic tickets were issued to Connolly for the incident. The tickets are for unauthorized blue lights, speeding 55 miles per [...]

Micah Richards Banned from the Road for 6 Months

Manchester City's youngest defender Micah Richards has been banned on the road for six months for failing to provide the identity of who was driving his Ferrari 458 Italia car which was clocked at 51mph in a 40mph zone in Manchester last September.Tameside Magistrates’ Court issued an order to pay a £600 fine, £85 costs and £60 victim surcharge. He is now joining Carlos Tévez and Samir Nasri off the road.According to reports last week, Richards mocked a picture [...]

Former South Africa Idol Karen Kortje Charged of Driving Under the Influence

Just recently, lead singer of the Elginaires and ex-Idol singing contest winner Karen Kortje appeared in court on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol after the authorities noticed her driving erratically and recklessly.She was arrested in front of a police station on Van Riebeeck Road in Kuils River last July. In connection with Kortje, her boyfriend Cheslin Williams was arrested for the murder of Durbanville guest house owner Renata Kellerman and was sentenced to life in prison.The [...]

Pittsform Man Denied Charges Related to Reckless Driving

Stephen Hopkins, 22 years old, denied two criminal charges related to reckless driving. Following the car crash in Cedar Avenue, the Pittsford man pleaded innocent in Rutland Criminal Court to grossly negligent operation of a motor vehicle and leaving the scene of the car crash.According to Vermont State Police, Hopkins was charged after it was reported by some witnesses that Hopkins left the scene of the car crash with instructions that someone else had to take the blame for [...]

Female Bus Driver Charged with Reckless Driving

Following the car crash in Shenandoah County that sent eight children to the nearby hospital, female veteran driver, Lisa Lynn Knicely, was placed on administrative leave and charged with reckless driving."This is not a beginning driver," Rowland said, adding, "she's never had any problems before."According to the authorities, the bus driven by Knicely crashed on Headley Road with 45 children on board. The bus, which was headed west on Headley Road, ran off the right side of the road [...]

Driving Tips Offered by Tire Rack Street Survival

Tire Rack Street Survival, a national non-profit teen drivers’ education program, offers driving lessons that will help improve driving competence through hands-on experience. Unlike other driving programs that are more focused on simple maneuvers and theories, Tire Rack Street Survival offers real-world driving situations.Tire Rack Street Survival Event will include the following:Classroom instruction will be conducted for students to learn how to manage daily driving hazards. Students will be taught emergency braking and skid control. To avoid accidents, they will [...]

Italian Priest Arrested for Theft of Funds and Mismanagement of Hospital

An Italian Catholic priest has been arrested for stealing 4 million euros from DI dermatological hospital in Rome where he was CEO up until the year 2011. Apparently, Rev. Franco Decaminada didn't just run the hospital, he lead it into 600 million euros worth of debt. This forced the Catholic hospital into bankruptcy and forced the Vatican to interfere in the matter. It is said that before leaving his papacy, Benedict XVI named a delegate to take over the religious order [...]

21-Year-Old Woman Charged with DUI in Fatal Chicago Crash

A 21-year-old, Sheryl Perry, was charged with aggravated DUI involving a death, a felony, and ticketed for failure to avoid a pedestrian, driving an uninsured vehicle and illegal transport of alcohol. The victim was 49-year-old Marek Bajson, the long time boyfriend of a famous Chicago jazz singer. The Romeoville young woman admitted to being intoxicated when she fatally struck Bajson as he stood on a sidewalk waiting for a friend to bring some gas after his car ran out. The [...]

Member of Organization Against DUI Gets Arrested for DUI

Brian Booth, a 29-year old member of Horry County CAST (Community Action for a Safer Tomorrow) Coalition was arrested for Driving Under the Influence by the South Carolina Highway Patrol Saturday. Ironically, this organization, that Booth is an active member of, is funded to help reduce and prevent DUI driving and underage drinking."We are disappointed in the choices that he made. We are against Driving Under the Influence, and we support the prosecution that goes along with it. No [...]