What to Do as a Witness of a Hit and Run

What to Do as a Witness of a Hit and Run

wpA lot of things can happen on the road whether you are a driver, a passenger or even a pedestrian. You may be a witness to a lot of things like a speedy driver being pulled over, a car breaking down, even a car crash. Hopefully, you won’t get involved in any of these circumstances, but as an onlooker you still have a part to play.
One of the most dreadful things to witness on the road is a hit-and-run. Reckless drivers who think they can inflict damages and injuries, whether accidental or not, believe they can just drive on and get away with what they’ve done. It’s your responsibility as a witness, and even as an unscathed victim, to report these cases and gather as much information as you can to help the police catch the culprits.

Here’s what to do in a hit-and-run:

Never confront a hit and run driver as they are fleeing the scene of an accident.
If you are driving, pull over to the side of the road but keep a safe distance.
Call the police immediately.
Right after observing the accident, grab a pen and paper and jot down the license plate of the other car.
Take note of the general description of the car including color, make, and model.
If you saw the driver, try to recall his appearance and the direction he was traveling in.
When the police arrive, provide them with all the necessary info including your name.

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