South Beach Executive Chef Killed in Gruesome Hit-and-Run

South Beach Executive Chef Killed in Gruesome Hit-and-Run

Stefano Riccioletti, a well-known chef, was killed in a gruesome hit-and-run crash in South Beach The driver, 20 year-old Karlie Tomica, a self-proclaimed “party princess” who was then charged with DUI manslaughter.
A witness, Jairo Fuentes, said the impact sent Riccioletti’s body flying in the air and landing in the driveway of a nearby hotel, “painting with blood” nearby barricades. Fuentes followed and confronted Tomica in the valet area of her condo, her blonde hair speckled with blood and flesh that had been sucked in through an open passenger-side window, she ignored him and went upstairs.

She was later arrested by Miami Beach police and brought to the station where she refused to take a breathalayzer test and later passed out. Detectives found another woman’s driver’s license in her purse, which they believe Tomica used to buy liquor.

Earlier this month, toxicology reports confirmed what investigators had suspected: Tomica was drunk when she struck Riccioletti, 49, originally from Italy, who had worked in New York before coming to South Florida.

The executive chef at Terrazza at the Shore Club is survived by his wife, Patrizia Pesce, and his three children: Jacopo, 18, Camilla, 12, and Filippo, 8.

Read more about this tragedy at The Miami Herald.

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