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Oxford University Creates New RobotCar

Steering toward autonomous driving, Oxford University has invented a new car that can drive itself and interact with other motorists efficiently and safely. This is a vehicle takes a new approach to Google's safe-driving cars. RobotCar is a modified Nissan LEAF. Unlike Google's system that uses GPS, RobotCar uses lasers and cameras which are subtly mounted around the vehicle. It also takes up some of the boot space is a computer which performs all the calculations necessary to plan, control [...]

How to Save Money on Fuel

One reason people may prefer commuting or walking to places is the expensive cost of fuel. Even if you own a vehicle, you may opt to get to a place by foot or pay a small amount for public transportation in order to scrimp on gasoline. However, there are instances when it is a lot more convenient to drive yourself somewhere, especially if your destination is rather far. To still enjoy the added convenience of driving while saving a few [...]

Back to School Season Driving Safety Tips

School season can be a risky time for motorists and pedestrians alike. With increased traffic on the road and more students and parents heading to and from school, there is also a heightened chance that more people may get into accidents. Drivers must be urged to take all precautions to ensure safety for the community and for all students. The following are tips and reminders for motorists to observe during the school year:Allow yourself enough time to get to school or to [...]

Six Things that Distract People When Driving

When driving it is of utmost importance that all your attention is directed on the road. A momentary glance in a different direction can mean the difference between road safety and disaster. The writers at Just Driving have identified the six things that distract people on the road that must be minimized or avoided:Hanging objects on your interior mirror GPS and Sat Nav Mobile phones Newspapers and other reading materials Car's radio or music player Talking to other passengersAlthough some of these other items are [...]

What to Do as a Witness of a Hit and Run

A lot of things can happen on the road whether you are a driver, a passenger or even a pedestrian. You may be a witness to a lot of things like a speedy driver being pulled over, a car breaking down, even a car crash. Hopefully, you won't get involved in any of these circumstances, but as an onlooker you still have a part to play. One of the most dreadful things to witness on the road is a hit-and-run. [...]

How to Replace a Driver’s License

Whether you've lost your driving license or had it stolen, getting a new one right away is a must especially if you constantly need to get to places by car. You should never resort to driving without one, even if heading to a nearby location. The repercussions for doing so and getting caught can be grave.Here are steps you can follow when getting yourself a new driver's license:If stolen, the first thing you must do is report it to the proper authorities. You [...]

Several Tips on Defensive Driving

Traffic accidents nowadays is one of the leading causes of death specifically in North America. Help keep yourself and your passengers safe while you are behind the wheel on the road.Below are several defensive driving tips that go beyond the usual guidelines of what driving schools teach:Following the two-second rule is a great way of making sure your car is at a safe distance from other drivers. Be aware of the blind spots of your car and others. Look ahead of [...]

South Beach Executive Chef Killed in Gruesome Hit-and-Run

Stefano Riccioletti, a well-known chef, was killed in a gruesome hit-and-run crash in South Beach The driver, 20 year-old Karlie Tomica, a self-proclaimed "party princess" who was then charged with DUI manslaughter. A witness, Jairo Fuentes, said the impact sent Riccioletti’s body flying in the air and landing in the driveway of a nearby hotel, "painting with blood" nearby barricades. Fuentes followed and confronted Tomica in the valet area of her condo, her blonde hair speckled with blood and flesh [...]

Former Korn Drummer Changes DUI Plea to ‘Guilty’

David Silveria, former drummer for the band Korn has changed his plea to "guilty" in hopes of receiving lesser charges. He was arrested early last year for a DUI and hit-and-run. Silveria was pulled over by police on the morning of March 25 in Huntington Beach, Calif., but stated that he had not been drinking and blamed his driving woes on the after effects of a sleeping pill. The rocker claimed to have blown a 0.0 on the breathalyzer at [...]

Driver Identified in Fatal Hit-and-Run of Bicyclist

Dwight Morrison, a 63 years-old jeweler, liked to keep fit by bicycling a few hours every weekend, setting out from Interstate 75. He often frequented one of his favorite paths on Griffin Road. Sadly, this was where he met his demise as a speeding car came up from behind, swerved into the bike lane, and killed him instantly. According to eyewitness accounts, he was thrown up to 200 feet down the roadway where his mangled bike was also found. The [...]