Monthly Archives - February 2013

Teacher Arrested for DUI on School Grounds

The Vero Beach High School faculty members were shocked when foreign language teacher Claire Danskin drove in the parking lot and struck another teachers car as she parked. She then stepped out of her vehicle with the engine still running.Police then arrived and took the 60 year-old Danskin into custody. Authorities assumed she was under the influence of alcohol but were surprised to find no traces in her bloodstream but a significant amount of medication instead.Danskin was charged with [...]

DUI Testing Device Under Scrutiny

The Intoxilyzer 8000, a breath-analyzer device used by states like Ohio, is now under scrutiny as to why it was ever sanctioned in the first place.Consider this:  The bid specifications that led to the Ohio Department of Health spending $6.4 million in federal grant money on 700 of the breath-alcohol testers were written by a fellow named Dean Ward when he was an Ohio Department of Health official. Now, Ward is an employee of Kentucky-based CMI Inc., the manufacturer [...]

Teen Drivers Should be Protected by Parents Behind the Wheel

Parents of teen drivers should resolve to learn how to best protect teens who are behind the wheel. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teen drivers and their passengers in the United States, but there are steps that parents can take to reduce crash risks.Parents should also spend as much time as possible behind the wheel with their teens, even after full licensure. They should require their teen drivers be off the roads before 10 p.m., [...]