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49-Year Old Man Faces DUI Charge

After rear-ending another vehicle at a red light, Douglas Sprunger was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence.According to report, Sprunger was driving a 2013 Ford truck on Highway 49 when he checked his global positioning system and failed to notice another vehicle ahead of him. By the time he tried to stop to avoid the collision, Sprunger could no longer control his vehicle.When officers responded to the scene of the accident, it was found out that Sprunger was [...]

Police officer Watson Mckee

Police officer Watson Mckee, a 4-year veteran of the police force, was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. He was consequently placed on leave following the off-duty traffic incident.According to report, the one-car accident took place at around 2:30 a.m. last Saturday about five miles north of Cabery. Livingston County Sheriff’s department stated that the accident is still under investigation.Dwight police chief Tim Henson said, “Right now, we are concerned about him as a person along with the [...]

52-Year-Old Westborough Man Arrested for DUI

Westborough prosecutors announced that they charged a 52-year-old Kevin R. Gustafson of 21 South St. Westborough with driving under the influence of alcohol.An around 10:45 AM on December 17th, a two-car motor vehicle collision at Milk St. near Phillips St. was reported. The accident involved a Nisan Murano operated by a woman and a 2006 Dodge Stratus operated by Kevin R. Gustafson of Westborough.Gustafson was arrested and charged with DUI alcohol and following too close. He was arraigned at [...]

Police Chief Faces DUI Charge

After getting charged last Thursday with driving under the influence, Mississippi State University Police Chief Georgia was placed on administrative leave.According to report, the police received a call from a concerned citizen regarding Lindley being intoxicated while driving. Lindley was driving a black Jeep Laredo on Lampkin Street when she sideswiped a parked sedan owned by a Starkville resident.Authorities also stated in their report that no alcohol or drug tests were administered.For more of this news, click here.

Clayton Man Faces DUI Charge

Robert Blisard, 41 years old, was arrested last Friday afternoon for allegedly driving under the influence. According to report, Blisard was weaving in and out of the traffic late on Commons Boulevard when his vehicle struck the rear bumper of another car. He consequently lost control of his vehicle and smashed into a retention pond. Due to the collision’s impact, Blisard sustained minor injuries from the accident. He was arrested and booked into Howard R. Young Correctional Institution. For more of this [...]

53-Year Old Man Faces DUI Charge

Joseph A. Kapitanski, a Londonderry resident, was charged with his fourth DUI offense.According to report, an off-duty state trooper as at Londonderry IGA last week when he noticed a customer in line who appeared to be noticeably intoxicated. Lt. Tim Oliver, who happened to be in the area, took Kapitanski into custody before he could even go back to his vehicle.Records show that Kapitanski had previous DUI convictions in 1981 1983 and 1987.For more of this news, click here.

Monty Tech Principal Guilty of Reckless Driving

Nicholas DeSimone, 42 years old, was found guilty last Thursday of reckless operation of motor vehicle. The verdict was handed over at 9th District Court in Milford, N.H.According to report, the incident took place last Sept. 29. DeSimone was driving a 1965 Chevrolet pickup truck when it smashed into a stone wall. It was found out during the initial investigation that the suspect was noticeably intoxicated when the incident happened.DeSimone was ordered to pay a fine of $620. His [...]

Man Faces Reckless Driving and Child Neglect Charges

After finding a 2-year old child unrestrained in a minivan, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office charged a man with multiple charges including reckless driving and operating a vehicle in violation of a restricted license.According to report, the incident took place early Sunday morning in Hollywood. The driver was pulled over by the police because he was operating a minivan without the required Interlock Device.It was also found out during the initial investigation that the driver’s 2-year old child [...]

Mayor’s Son Pleaded Guilty to Reckless Driving

Benjamin Landrieu, son of Mayor Mitch Landrieu, pleaded guilty to reckless driving and was ordered to pay a fine of $334.50.According to report, Landrieu was 19 years old when he got arrested for reckless driving. He was driving while intoxicated when he struck three parked cars near the intersection of Broadway and Zimpel streets.Prior to pleading guilty, the Mayor’s son attended 12-hour step meetings and a Mothers Against Drunk Driving panel. He also completed 40 hours of community service.Click [...]

58-Year Old Woman Faces Reckless Driving Charge

After getting involved in a car crash that killed a teenage boy in the city’s Lower Pacific Heights, 58-year old Jennie Zhu is now facing multiple charges including reckless driving and felony gross vehicular manslaughter.According to report, Zhu was arrested last Friday evening but was later released after posting a $300,200 bail. She was arraigned on the manslaughter charge and two felony counts of reckless driving causing injury.Click here for more of this news.