49ers Player Demarcus Dobbs: DUI and Drug Possession Charges

California Highway Patrol (CHP) - San Francisco 49ers player Demarcus Dobbs could be charged in the next few days with driving under the influence (DUI) and marijuana possession. According to CHP spokesman Officer D.J. Sarabia, Dobbs, who just turned 25 last Friday, was arrested for suspicion of DUI and possessing less than an ounce of marijuana, both misdemeanors, after crashing his car in Santa Clara.The CHP has been working on a report about the incident and Sarabia said it [...]

Man Charged for Reckless Driving After Trying to Pull Over Cop

Steve McClain is facing a charge for reckless driving after rolling up alongside a Detroit police officer and demanding where the officer’s seatbelt was. He did this with his home video camera on, and now he’s facing possible legal repercussions for his action.The video that McClain himself has taken clearly shows that the police officer was peering out the patrol car’s window while the man who was handling the camera - who happened to be McClain - shouted to [...]

Man from Ohio’s DUI Arrest Originated from Reckless Driving

A man from Ohio was hit with four counts of DUI charges. It occurred over the weekend and the police said that it all happened after he recklessly drove in the borough. The man was identified as Ramon Sanchez, 54. He is now facing a multitude of DUI charges – four counts of DUI, with a count each of actually disregarding the traffic lane where he was driving and for careless driving. It all came from the incident that happened [...]