CHP Participate on National Teen Safe Driving Week 2012

One of the leading causes of deaths annually in the United States and in the state of California is traffic collicion. Thousands of young drivers along with their passengers are killed in the collisions that happen each year. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) will be joining the 6th Annual National Teen Driver Safety Week on October 14-20, 2012 to help bring awareness to the car accidents problem.According to CHP, there were over 57,000 drivers between the ages of 16 [...]

Driving Tips for Rainy Days

NBC4 Washington reported a notable multi-car crash that happened because of heavy rain and driver error last October 5, 2012. It involved 47 cars that caused 52 people to be transported to hospitals. Among the 52 people injured, 2 of them were seriously injured although there were no fatalities, reported NBC4.Injury lawyer Michael S. Steinger explained, “When roads are wet and visibility is lower, motorists can more easily lose control of their vehicles.”Injury lawyer Steinger offers some useful safety [...]

An Admission of Guilt: Reckless Driving and the New SF Archbishop

It was not a very good way to start your appointment as the new Roman Catholic archbishop of San Francisco if you happen to admit being guilty of reckless driving so soon after you were appointed. There were just three days in between, in fact.The new archbishop, Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, was stopped last August 25 at a sobriety checkpoint that happened to be near the San Diego State University. Cordileone was placed under arrest after authorities suspected him of [...]

Here are Some Tips for Driving on Ice and Snow

In the United States, about 458 individuals were said to have lost their lives due to icy roads during the winter of 2009-2010. Different travelers hit the road to celebrate the winter holidays or were visiting relatives. In this case, if you can't handle icy roads during winter time, then it is better to just stay home or you must make sure that you prepare yourself and your vehicle for these conditions properly.Consider these tips and tricks below for [...]

Alabama Private Organization Helps Promote Safe Teen Driving Awareness

The state of Alabama ranks second in teen driver deaths nationwide. Today, a private organization called The Safe Teen Driving Coalition, in cooperation with the Alabama Department of Public Health and Department of Public Safety is promoting a safe teenage driving awareness in Alabama. The coalition is distributing safe teen driving tool kits to all Alabama Graduated Driver’s License.According to Linda Lee, executive director of the Alabama Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics there were 500 toolkits distributed [...]

Abu Dhabi Launches Safe Driving Campaign

The Emirates Foundation for Youth Development has just launched its nationwide campaign “Driving Safely”. This campaign promotes road safety and raises awareness among the youth about the basic standards of driving safely across the country. The youth are also encouraged to abide traffic signs, speed limits, and public safety instructions such as wearing seat belts, can reduce road accidents.According to the report, these campaign will be held until October 2 from the following places - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, [...]