Reckless Driving Linked to Violence in Video Games

Reckless Driving Linked to Violence in Video Games

 HOME A FIRM FOR YOU MEET YOUR ATTORNEY PRACTICE AREAS ARTICLES CASE RESULTS CONTACT US Reckless Driving Linked to Violence in Video GamesHere’s a confirmation of what a lot of people have already been suspecting before. A report based on recent studies states that, kids who play violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto III are likely to become reckless drivers in real life.

The study went ahead and asked teenagers if they actually did perform the acts of reckless driving that can be done on the video games.  The research was conducted over a period of several years and it involved thousands of students. This takes a deeper look into the effects of video games on young players.

Here is a part of the article by Jon Bardin which appeared on the Los Angeles Times, “The findings were consistent even when the researchers controlled for a number of variables, including parenting style in the kids’ households, and held even when the kids reported playing violent games that had nothing to do with driving, like the game “Spider-Man.”

So if the games don’t directly teach kids poor driving habits, what gives? The authors of the study propose that violent video games change a young player’s self-perception, so that they see themselves as someone who does risky things.

In other words, the researchers suggest, the players become more like the characters they are controlling on screen.”

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