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Sleeping Pills and Driving: Never a Good Combination

Researches show that drivers who take certain kinds of drugs are more likely to become involved in accidents. These drugs include sleeping pills, anti-depressants, and other similar medications.  The said drugs can affect a person’s motor coordination, reducing the ability to control a vehicle.The study points out the fact that the people who are taking those types of medications should be more careful with their driving. They should take more precautions when they are on the road so they [...]

Reckless Driving Linked to Violence in Video Games

Here’s a confirmation of what a lot of people have already been suspecting before. A report based on recent studies states that, kids who play violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto III are likely to become reckless drivers in real life.The study went ahead and asked teenagers if they actually did perform the acts of reckless driving that can be done on the video games.  The research was conducted over a period of several years and it [...]

Man Saves Four Children from Being Struck by Car Using Instinct

A driver from southern Alberta praised for saving four kids from being struck by a car says he was simply acting on instinct when he put his Hummer between them and an alleged distracted driver."I could just see, I just had the feeling that something bad was going to happen if something wasn't to stop that vehicle," said Darrell KrushelnickiHe said that he was pulling out of the the Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre in Edmonton when he saw children [...]

DUI and How it Can Destroy Your Life

The most obvious manner in which driving under the influence (DUI) can ruin your life is by obtaining a criminal record.Here are some charges that you may get in DUI.Some DUI get serious charges like vehicular homicide or a manslaughter charge, the cost of a legal defense against such charges is staggering, and can exceed $25,000. Most states penalty for this is a temporary loss of driving privileges, and fine of around $1,500 and a few days in jail. In all, [...]