Monthly Archives - August 2012

DUI Charge Facing Stewartville Bus Driver

Just this Monday morning at Stewartville, Minnesota, a school bus driver from the Engle Bus Service was charged with DUI for swerving and crossing the center line. He was reported by a certain person who called the police after observing his driving behavior. According to the report, there were children in the bus.The 40 year old bus driver, Robert Mielke, was charged with DUI after authorities smelled alcohol on him.The bus company owner didn't want to go on camera [...]

25-Year-Old Charged with DUI and Reckless Homicide After Killing Nurse in Car Accident

14 counts of aggravated DUI and one count of reckless homicide was charged for on Matthew Senica from 13700 Block of 88th Ave. by Judge Peter Felice at Bridgeview courtroom. The accident involving Senica happened at LaGrange Road intersection with 95th Street while Senica was driving back to Orland Park. According to the report - Heidi Roseen, a 51 year old nurse at Advocate Christ Medical Center, was struck by Senica's Ford F150 and was later declared dead.Senica remains [...]