Our Population is Aging and So Are Our Drivers. What Can We Do?

Our Population is Aging and So Are Our Drivers. What Can We Do?

With the American population aging, the number of senior citizens who are driving on the road is naturally bound to get larger as well. Statistics are showing that more than 20 million American drivers are seniors in their 70s already! The problem is that the older drivers are getting the higher the risks of them becoming involved in some accident.

It has been shown that seniors are second to teenagers when it comes to being involved in accidents. This is the reason why families have to find out if their aged family members are driving safely on the road.

The problem of safe driving should be approached with caution. Family members should keep in mind that a senior citizen’s dignity and sense of independence is at stake here. Most of them see their driving as a sign that they are still in control of their lives.

There are many practical solutions to the problem. Sometimes it can be a simple improvement of the driver’s visibility inside the vehicle.It should never come to a point where a senior citizen would be deprived of all their driving privileges suddenly because that can be a huge blow to a person’s self-esteem.

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