More Black Box in EU Cars Will Help Decrease Their Rates

More Black Box in EU Cars Will Help Decrease Their Rates

Car insurance premiums in the European Union are on the rise. The prices are being jacked up by the smaller insurance companies. In the past two years they have been increasing their prices by almost thirty per cent!

Though the companies that are starting these price increases are the smaller ones their actions do have a domino effect on the larger companies. So overall, the European car owner is having a hard time finding affordable car insurance.

They are turning to a solution that has been utilized in America for several years already. This is the use of a black box on their vehicles. With more than 80% of all vehicles in the U.S. fitted with the device, it’s almost a standard — and many Europeans are following the same path. More than two hundred thousand British drivers have signed up for the device.

The device, when installed on a vehicle, can monitor their driving habits which can result in cutting down on insurance costs. More and more vehicle owners in the U.K. and in other European countries are finding this as the best solution.

Emma Simon of The Telegraph has written an excellent article on this.

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